WOL War Events

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These are events from the War focus from the Way of Life DLC.

ID Name
WoL.11000 Get challenged
WoL.11001 Start the duel
WoL.11002 Duel rejected
WoL.11003 Pop-in without dialogue to accept (event_target:opponent and event_target:challenger must be set)
WoL.11004 Opponent bounce for scopes (hidden)
WoL.11005 Duel (hidden) (not in use)
WoL.11006 Winner event
WoL.11007 Loser event
WoL.11008 Loser event executed
WoL.11009 Double death (challenger)
WoL.11011 Winner decap
WoL.11012 Loser decap
WoL.11013 Gain rival
WoL.11014 Gain rival notification
WoL.11100 Random event list
WoL.11101 Start running
WoL.11102 upset about slothful courtier only if not slothful yourself
WoL.11103 Arrange a small spear-throwing contest
WoL.11104 Courtier maimed while measuring spear throws
WoL.11105 Spear-throwing conclusion
WoL.11107 Win spear-throwing
WoL.11108 Lose spear courtier bounce
WoL.11109 Lose spear-throwing
WoL.11110 sparring partner
WoL.11111 Sparring success
WoL.11112 Sparring accident
WoL.11113 Sparring success bounce
WoL.11114 Sparring accident bounce
WoL.11115 War game start
WoL.11116 Check if people available to play
WoL.11117 Nobody wants to play
WoL.11118 Declare players
WoL.11120 character_event (events 11120 - 11149 are different options for war game)
WoL.11121 character_event
WoL.11122 character_event
WoL.11123 character_event
WoL.11124 character_event
WoL.11130 character_event
WoL.11131 character_event
WoL.11132 character_event
WoL.11133 character_event
WoL.11134 character_event
WoL.11140 character_event
WoL.11149 flag clean-up
WoL.11200 Success in war-focus (hidden)
WoL.11201 Level up modifier
WoL.11202 Gain duelist
WoL.11203 Gain prestige
WoL.11204 Gain Wroth / lose patient
WoL.11205 Gain Brave / lose coward
WoL.11206 Gain brawny / remove weak or frail
WoL.11300 Martial Education improved
WoL.11301 Leader Trait Choice: Troop Types
WoL.11302 Leader Trait Choice: Terrain
WoL.11303 Leader Trait Choice: Centre, Flank, Narrow Flanks, or Trickster
WoL.11304 Leader Trait Choice: Inspiring, Siege, Organizer, or Holy Warrior (if not Muslim and are zealous)
WoL.11305 Leader Trait Choice: Offense, Defense, or Unyielding
WoL.11310 Teach a leader trait to one of my commanders
WoL.11311 Light foot
WoL.11312 Heavy Foot
WoL.11313 Cavalry
WoL.11314 Inspiring Leader
WoL.11315 Trickster
WoL.11316 Organizer
WoL.11317 Defensive Leader
WoL.11318 Direct Leader
WoL.11319 Flanker
WoL.11320 Aggresive Leader
WoL.11321 Siege Leader
WoL.11322 Unyielding
WoL.11323 Narrow Flank Leader
WoL.11324 FLat
WoL.11325 Rough
WoL.11326 Mountain
WoL.11327 Desert
WoL.11328 Holy Warrior
WoL.11329 Winter Soldier
WoL.11330 War Elephants
WoL.11331 Jungle
WoL.11340 Commander accepts the lessons
WoL.11341 Commander declines the lessons