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War contribution or participation is a measure of how much each ally has contributed to a war effort. Each participant's contribution is shown in the war window.

Contribution score is especially important in Crusades, jihads and great holy wars, which grant the targeted land and kingdom title to the highest participant (unless there is a holder or claimant of the correct religion). Crusades also distribute a large amount of contribution-scaled prestige and piety among the participants.

Contribution is more important for Muslims, as it affects how much decadence they lose in a victorious holy war or jihad, and how much decadence they gain should they lose a holy war.

Calculation[edit | edit source]

Contribution is calculated based on battle size and duration, and the capturing of territory. Points are awarded as listed in defines.lua:

  • Battles: 0.2 points per enemy soldier per day
  • Sieges: ___
  • Occupying holdings: 10 points per holding per day
  • Occupying empty provinces: 3 points per empty holding slot per day (x3 if owned by a nomad)

Strategies[edit | edit source]

You can maximize your contribution by occupying settlements early in long wars, and by participating in large long battles. Commanders who emphasize defensive skills can help prolong battles.