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Game modification: Witcher Kings
Witcher Kings

JonStryker, talias, Yurtex and team

v0.11.0 for CK2 3.2.1

Steam workshop

Witcher Kings is a mod set in the rich fantasy world of The Witcher.

Play a key part in the politics of the continent, and determine its future as you see fit. Engage in warfare and acts of intrigue to fulfil your ambitions in this lore-rich world. Associate or do battle with some of your favourite characters from the series.

It is based primarily on the books, secondarily on the games.


  • Assassin's of Kings - 1st January 1274 (start of TW2 game)
  • Fate of the North - 1st January 1275 (start of TW3 game)


  • Play as the great monarchs and lords of the Northern Kingdoms!
  • Colossal Nilfgaardian Empire under Emhyr var Emreis
  • Fully playable humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and dryads
  • Create your own empire as the elves or dwarves and push out the other races
  • Sorceresses, sorcerers, witches, and druids
  • Scoia'tael rebellions
  • Ability to support the Scoia'tael in secret

Recommended DLCs[edit]

No DLC is required to play the mod, but the mod will have extra mod content with the following DLCs if activated:

  • Dlc icon the old gods.png The Old Gods: Scoia'tael revolts.
  • Dlc icon sons of abraham.png Sons of Abraham: Eternal Fire Council of Electors, Solarist vs imperialist traits, donation to Temple of Melitele, Flaming Rose standard holy order events (expel, donate, etc.).
  • DLC icon Conclave.png Conclave: Polymath education focus and events for childhood traits to transform into tolerant, racist, gambler and reasonable personality traits.
  • Horse Lords.png Horse Lords: Haak invasion will use nomad mechanics.
  • DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png Monks and Mystics: Dark cult societies and alchemist guild, artifact events.
  • Holy Fury.png Holy Fury: Random Worlds are still work in progress.

Recommended Graphical DLCs:

  • Celtic portraits (Cintran, Nazairian)
  • Russian portraits (Kaedweni)
  • Mediterranean portraits (Toussaint, Vicovarian)
  • Iberian portraits (Gemmeran, Etolian)
  • Norse portraits (Bruggia, Cidarian, Skellige)
  • German portraits (Sodden)
  • English portraits (Metinnan)

Other DLCs can be used to benefit from the associated vanilla features: prosperity with The Reaper's Due, playable government type with The Republic, etc.

However, the following DLCs are currently NOT recommended, due to buggy/lack of integration:

  • Jade Dragon.png Jade Dragon: New casus belli should be usable, but DLC integration hasn't actually been tested - use at your own risk !

Mod history[edit]

For players playing on an older vanilla version, here is the association between mod and vanilla versions:

Mod Date Vanilla Notes/Articles/Videos
0.11.0 2019-09-29 Patch 3.2.1
0.10.0 2019-01-06 Patch 3.0.1
0.9.1 2018-06-15 Patch
0.9.0 2018-05-27 Patch
0.8.1 2017-08-20 Patch 2.7.2
0.8.0 2017-07-08 Patch 2.7.1
0.7.0 2016-12-29 Patch 2.6.3
0.6.5 2016-07-25 Patch 2.5.2
0.6.0 2015-12-07 Patch 2.3.6
0.5.0 2015-03-01 Patch 2.3
0.4.0 2015-01-02 Patch 2.3
0.3.1 2014-09-14 Patch 2.1.6
0.3.0 2014-06-27 Patch 2.1.5
0.2.0 2014-03-01 Patch 2.0.4
0.1.0 2014-01-22 Patch 2.0.4


  • Humans: they are an expansive and ambitious race, arriving on the continent roughly one thousand years after the arrival of the elves on their white ships. They descended into the mouths of the Yaruga, Pontar, and Alba rivers, establishing settlements along their fertile banks. Humans dominate both the Northern Kingdoms and the southern reaches of the continent (presently the Nilfgaardian Empire). They are pioneers of trade and warfare, and their culture strongly contrasts with those of non-humans, inciting great prejudice, armed conflict, relocation of populations, and genocide throughout the continent. The human factions are disjointed and mould around the interests of men in power, men who tend to their personal interests often concerning wealth, riches, conquest, and worldly influence. When seriously threatened, humans have the ability to unite and construct a force to be reckoned with.
  • Elves: one of the three elder races, referred to as Aen Seidhe in the elven tongue, arrived on the continent well before any human. The elves are known for their keen perception and deep connections with the great forests that once covered the continent. The arrival of humans resulted in the destruction and felling of large swaths of forest for the collection of resources. They now reside in the deep temperate rain forests that remain, protecting them to the last. In the face of human ruination and persecution, they staunchly resist. Many elves sought salvation elsewhere as they were driven to the Baron mountain ranges to the east. Dol Blathanna is amongst the last of their sovereignties. They cling to the verdant valley of flowers as a mother would its child. Elves are renowned for their archery as no race can match their proficiency with the bow, making them deadly opponents in a skirmish.
  • Dwarves: they are a hardy, stocky race hailing from their central mountain homeland of Mahakam. Mahakam is a large mountainous region wedged between Aedirn and Temeria. It is a mountainous, rocky land where great crags and granite boulders dominate the landscape. The snowy mountain peaks of Mahakam pierce through clouds and heavy mists that traverse the valleys like raging water. The Dwarves are fearsome soldiers, skilled craftsman, and cunning businessmen. They may be small and stature, but they are a strong and sturdy folk. They spend much of their lives in the darkness of the mines, cutting and chipping away at the granite beneath the mountains, in search of resources and riches. No steel stands a chance when compared with Mahakam steel. They smelt their ores in molten hot furnaces to produce some of the finest armours and blunt weaponry on the continent. Their mercenary bands are revered worldwide, and they have proven themselves a vital asset to the Temerian military. Alas, they too are persecuted, and many resort to joining the ranks of the Scoia'tael.
  • Halflings: they are the smallest of the non-human races. They stand anywhere from two to four feet tall. Their small stature and quickness make them very agile, and they are known for their proficiency with throwing weapons. They are quite civilized, and they conduct themselves in a manner that is very neat and tidy. Halflings live amongst the human populations of the Northern Kingdoms, but many enlist with Scoia'tael guerilla bands to avoid persecution.
  • Dryads are the female inhabitants and guardians of the Brokilon forest. They are mono-gendered and produce offspring by seducing humans and elves.

Here is the life expectancy of each races:

Race Old age Life expectancy
Humans 50 90
Halflings and gnomes 75 125
Dwarves 100 150
Elves and dryads 300 400
Witchers and sorcerers 300 Immortal

De jure setup[edit]

De jure Kingdoms in 1274


Religion Group Head Holy Sites Mechanics Religion modifier.png Modifiers
Melitele Northern None
  • Gors Velen
  • Trelis
  • Arfon
  • Ellander
  • Turlough Hills
Fertility: +5%

Sex appeal opinion: +10

Kreve None
  • La Valette
  • Holopole
  • Ard Carraigh
  • Atostra
  • Rinde
Demesne size: +1

Thread decay speed: +1%

Prophet Lebioda None
  • Novigrad
  • Creigiau
  • Ard Ghlais
  • Lan Exeter
  • Luton
Global revolt risk: -1%
Eternal Fire Hierarch of the Eternal Fire
  • Gors Velen
  • Wieczny Ogien
  • Hagge
  • Barienmurg
  • Armeria
Investiture, College of Cardinals
Druidic None
  • Caed Myrkvid
  • Caed Dhu
  • Aedd Gynvael
  • Razwan
  • Duen Canell
Learning: +1

Health: +1

Defensive religion:

  • +40% garrison size

On home territory:

  • +80% morale
  • +80% defense
Freya None
  • Hindharsfjall
  • Kaer Trolde
  • Schwemmland
  • Roggeveen
  • Coldwater
Looting, concubinage Fertility: +5%

Sex appeal opinion: +10

Offensive religion:

  • +30% levy size
  • +50% retinue size
Dana Méadbh Elven None
  • Belhaven
  • Gwendeith
  • Asheberg
  • Riedbrune
  • Banwen
Dwarven Dwarven None
  • Carbon
  • Limenmutha
  • Trastamara
  • Vergen
  • Kolooma
Halfling Halfling None
  • Novigrad
  • Hirundum
  • Carbon
  • Knotweed Meadow
  • Maribor
Gnomish Gnomish None
  • Carbon
  • Hil Furuhm
  • Nattland
  • Bagillt
Dryad Dryad None
  • Caed Myrkvid
  • Caed Dhu
  • Razwan
  • Duen Canell
  • Gas Mor
Defensive attrition, feminist Defensive religion:
  • +40% garrison size

On home territory:

  • +80% morale
  • +80% defence
Solar Southern None
  • Nilfgaard
  • Liburnum
  • Pochlebnik
  • Corvaen
  • Tengelic
Old Solar None
Yer Eastern None Looting, Concubinage, peace prestige loss
  • +30% levy size
  • +30% light cavalry offence/defence


The Witcher setting is full of magic in many different forms - sorcerers, magic artefacts and a wide variety of monster.

The mod has three kinds of magic users, each is represented by a trait:

  • Sorcerers are the most powerful magic users, in addition to immortality, they have access to the largest variety of spells - heal, charm, protect, participate in battles or sieges. They can hold magical tower holdings.
  • Witches have the same healing spell as sorcerers and a curse, the curse is the only spell you can use directly on character do him harm. (Note: not implemented yet)
  • Druids are also priests for the nature religion. They have access to just a single spell – healing, although it’s a bit different than the one others have, it can heal just the most minor of injuries and depressed and stressed traits.


All of them have access to a short list of spells each suitable for a specific situation. They can use the spells for themselves or for their liege if they are on the liege’s council as court magicians.

To cast a spell:

  • for spells that target a specific character (heal, protect, charm), via the diplomacy menu of the target (or self)
  • for spells related to realm or battles, via decisions in intrigue menu

When using a spell a mage becomes drained. As long as a mage is drained (duration may vary depending on the spell), he can’t use any spells and his health is decreased.

List of spells:

  • Protection: can save a character from untimely demise by a hand of assassin or accident, although it can't stop natural death
  • Charm: improves the opinion of the target, who will always accept diplomatic interactions and not take any hostile actions.
  • Heal: immediately closes open wounds, mends broken bones and cures any illnesses.
  • Glamour: makes the character attractive by hiding the age and any bodily defects under a veil of magic
  • Foresight: reveals all plots against the target
  • Assist Siege: speed up siege considerably, by making the enemy lose some troops and morale
  • Battle: the enemy will lose some troops and morale


Every child has a small chance to have magic talent, this chance is increased if any of his parents or grandparents are sorcerers. If the child displays magical talents it’s up to the guardian to decide what to do with the child, there are many possibilities, in particular:

  • teach the child yourself
  • leave the child in your court magicians care
  • give the child to druid circle
  • kill the child
  • send him to any of the magic academies.

If the child is sent to one of the magic academies, he is considered disinherited and will stay in the academy until he becomes a sorcerer. Once a fully fledged sorcerer, he will be able to offer his services as court magician, try to get himself a tower or do other things the sorcerers usually do. The sorcerers will sometimes move around - leave your court if they dislike you, move in or out of towers, leave academy or return to the academy, so if you really want to keep your sorcerer keep good relationships or just properly land them.

Mage towers[edit]

Sorcerers can hold a mage tower, which are small counties on the map. They generate no income and have a special building tree that improves the sorcerer abilities.

Only sorcerers may hold towers, and are otherwise inhabited (i.e. owned by the wilderness).


At the realm level, tolerance crown law determines the relations between human and non-humans. Intolerant realms will push non-humans to join the Scoia'tael which may spread to neighbour provinces and cause revolts. However, the ruler can also appoint a Commander of special forces in order to fight the Scoia'tael presence.

At a character level, tolerance is determined by the personality traits tolerant or racist.


The adulthood age is 15, adolescence age 11 and childhood age 5.

The child will learn personal combat skills from his guardian.

With DLC icon Conclave.png Conclave DLC, a 6th focus for polymath education is available.

The personality traits are mapped to childhood traits:

  • Affectionate can lead to tolerant
  • Haughty can lead to racist
  • Playful can lead to gambler
  • Conscientious can lead to reasonable


Cult of Coram Agh Tera[edit]

Requires DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png Monks & Mystics DLC.

Dark cult for Melitele, Kreve, Lebioda, Eternal Fire and Solar religions, see Demon Worshippers.

Cult of Svalblod[edit]

Requires DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png Monks & Mystics DLC.

Dark cult for Freya and Druidic religions, see Demon Worshippers.

Cult of Nyia[edit]

Requires DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png Monks & Mystics DLC.

Dark cult for Yer religion, see Demon Worshippers. May spread after a successful Haak invasion.

The Alchemist Guild[edit]

See Hermetic society

Requires DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png Monks & Mystics DLC.

Order of the Witchers[edit]

For now this is a placeholder society, mainly to easily track witchers and avoid them joining other societies.

Dice poker[edit]

Dice Poker mini-game from the Witcher video games has been integrated to the mod, based on TW1 rules (single round, composed of two rolls):

  • After the initial bets (0.5 gold), each player rolls the dice once
  • Players can then decide (in turn) to check, raise (0.5 gold), call or resign
  • Then each player decide which dice to re-roll or to pass.
  • The winner is the one with the best combination (Five-of-a-kind > Four-of-a-kind > Full House > Six-high straight > Five-high straight > Three-of-a-kind > Two pairs > One pair).
  • In case both players have the same combination, the one with the highest combined value wins (One pair of 2s > One pair of 1s).
  • In case of same combination of same value or no combination, the values of the remaining dice are used to decide.
  • If the hands are exactly identical (five same dice), then it's a draw.

The mini-game is triggered via a targeted decision. It requires the characters to be at the same location, and the AI will accept if:

  • it has the Gambler trait
  • has a positive opinion of the player
  • and is not at war with the player

Because CK2 doesn't simulate the economy for courtiers, they are usually poor (0 gold), so their wealth is not a condition (they'll just have negative gold if they lose)

The game events work from both sides (i.e. should work in multiplayer), so the player may sometime receive an invitation from a wealthy gambler AI at court. The decision won't be used between AI characters, for performances.

The decision does not require the player to be a Gambler, and in fact, winning a game gives a chance to gain the gambler trait.

Map font sub-mod[edit]

Comparison of vanilla vs thewitcher map fonts

There's an official but optional sub-mod that changes the map font. It is based on a thewitcher font by Ioanna Ladopoulou.


What to do if the mod crashes on startup ?[edit]

  1. Verify that your CK2 version is actually compatible with the installed mod version. There are often a few weeks/months delays for modders to make the mod compatible with a new vanilla major patch. See how to rollback to an older version.
  2. Disable any other mods to prevent conflicts. Being a total conversion, Witcher Kings is generally incompatible with any other mod.
  3. Check the CK2 installation by verifying your checksum in the lobby when no mods are activated and verify local cache files in Steam.
  4. Try re-installing the mod. If you used the Windows automatic installer it's relatively safeproof. But the manual install requires to delete any previously existing \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\Witcher folder, to make sure there are no leftover files from a previous mod version.

Is the mod compatible with other mods ?[edit]

Most likely it isn't, as Witcher Kings is a total conversion and it touches most vanilla files, with many folders being replace_path.

Which are the supported languages ?[edit]

Only English is currently supported.

What's the point of Wilderness ?[edit]

Wilderness holds:

  • magic towers when no wizard owns them
  • inhabited counties that have become ruins

Otherwise, CK2 engine would automatically generate random characters for these titles, which wouldn't make sense !

Are witchers playable ?[edit]

No, as they are landless. But you can hire them to rid your realm of monsters. Even if CK2 would allow playing landless characters, many mechanics would be missing to make their gameplay interesting (witchers society, witcher contracts, RPG combat system, alchemy, ...).

Are sorcerers playable ?[edit]

No, sorcerers in mage towers have a theocratic government. Some mechanics would be missing to make their gameplay interesting (secret sorcerer society, court mage events, magical research, magocracy government, ...). However, the elven queen of Dol Blathanna, Francesca Findabair, is playable, as her government is feudal.

Where are the hero portraits ?[edit]

Pre-rendered portraits from Witcher video games can be activated as an optional game rule.

How to add a pre-rendered portrait to the mod ?[edit]

There a 2 steps:

  • Add the extra frame (152x152 pixels) to the sprite
  • Modify interface\portrait_properties\00_portrait_properties.txt to associate the frame index to the character ID.

The sprite and property to use depend on the ethnicity derived from the culture of the character:

  • If it's an ethnicity covered by a DLC (celticgfx, norsegfx, ...), you'll need to add the extra frame add the end of gfx\characters\pre-rendered\set0.dds and add to the property p11 in 00_portrait_properties.txt.
  • For base (westerngfx, muslimgfx) or custom ethnicities (witchergfx, elfgfx, ...) you'll need to add the extra frame to gfx\characters\pre-rendered\set1.dds and add to the property p36 in 00_portrait_properties.txt.

Don't hesitate to post your proposals on the forum, so it can get added to the mod.

How can I join the team to contribute ?[edit]

Get in touch via a private message on the Paradox forum!

Interesting characters[edit]

Feel free to add here some characters of special interest, in a similar way to vanilla Interesting characters guide.