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Ze Lunatic (Conclave)

This is a list of all events from /Crusader Kings II/events/ze_lunatic.txt.


Event IDEdit

ID Name
ZE.15000 Horse Chancellor
ZE.15002 Immortal Horse



Horse Chancellor

Your horse has always struck you as being of a dependable sort, a quality you feel is sorely lacking in your councillors. Time to shake things up a bit. You will appoint him as your new [Root.GetChancellorName].

Trigger conditions
  • Has   Conclave DLC
  • Has Lunatic   trait
  • Has Game Rule "Absurd Events" turned on
  • Has appointed a   Chancellor
  • Doesn't have a character of Horse culture as   Chancellor
Mean time to happen
  • 420 months

Glitterhoof, I appoint thee as the [Root.GetChancellorName] of the realm.
  • Current   Chancellor fired
  • A new character is created named "Glitterhoof" with the race and culture of Horse and the traits:
    • Horse  
    • Imbecile  
    • Stubborn  
    • Fair  
    • Strong  
  • Fired character gains opinion modifier towards liege for   5 years:
    • opinion_fired_from_council (  –15 Opinion)
  • If player has Immortal   Immortal trait, event ZE.15001 is fired after 10 in-game days.
  • If player has   Jade Dragon DLC, event JD.60007 (Protect the Horse) is fired after 30 in-game days.


Trigger conditions
  • ZE.15001
Is triggered only by


  • Event ZE.15002 is fired

Immortal Horse

Some nights you are beset by terrible nightmares in which you witness the death of your trusted steed, [From.GetBestName]. How will you be able to live without [From.GetHerHim]?

Trigger conditions
  • Has Lunatic   trait
  • Has Immortal   trait
  • ZE.15001
Is triggered only by


I shall offer [From.GetFirstName] my magical blood!
  • Glitterhoof from "Horse Chancellor" event gets Immortal   trait.
Immortality is my gift, and my gift alone!
  • None