Ze alliance events

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These are events concerning alliances from the DLC Conclave.

ID Name
ZE.8000 A friendly visit from spouse can result in non-aggression pact
ZE.8001 Suggestion to form non-aggression pact
ZE.8002 respone that accepted the offer
ZE.8003 respone that declined the offer
ZE.8010 imposter noble is behaving badly in other relam
ZE.8011 Complaint sent to ruler where noble claim to be from
ZE.8012 Explanation and word of warning about imposter
ZE.8013 Rude answer to the initiator ridiculing him
ZE.8014 apology sent by initiator
ZE.8015 Rude answer by initiator
ZE.8016 taking the blame

These are events that concern alliances from Conclave and from Ze alliance 2 events.

ID Name
ZE.9000 Ally in war fails to contribute
ZE.9001 If From chose to break alliance, failing ally recieves alliance-breaking letter
ZE.9100 Pirates operate on seas - rumors say other realm's ruler is behind it
ZE.9101 Ally receives first letter
ZE.9110 A receives cordial letter
ZE.9111 Notify ally of broken pact
ZE.9120 A receive suspicious answer
ZE.9121 Ally receives repair attempt
ZE.9122 Notify accept repair
ZE.9123 Notify broken pact
ZE.9130 Ally receives counter-countersuspicion
ZE.9131 Notify ally swallowed pride
ZE.9132 Notify broken pact