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These are events related to ambitions from the Conclave DLC.

Ambition events[edit]

ID Name
ZE.6001 Liege recieves vassals request for coucil position
ZE.6002 Vassal may ask for council seat again
ZE.6003 Liege recieves vassals demand for council position
ZE.6004 Liege will think about council position
ZE.6005 Liege declined council request
ZE.6006 Liege explains we are too good for the council
ZE.6007 Liege tells me another councillor has been slandering me
ZE.6010 Checking for land_for_son ambition
ZE.6012 Asking liege to give land to son
ZE.6013 Land granted from request
ZE.6014 denied land
ZE.6015 got land! but now owes favor
ZE.6020 Targgeted decision to change job on councillor,ping target
ZE.6021 Targeted decision pick new council job event, brace yourself
ZE.6022 character_event

Ambition events 2[edit]

ID Name
ZE.7000 character_event