Ze mercenary events

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These events are related to mercenary companies.

ID Name
ZE.10000 character_event
ZE.10001 Improve on military education
ZE.10003 Remove Craven
ZE.10005 add brave
ZE.10007 add diligent
ZE.10009 Remove kind
ZE.10011 Remove humble
ZE.10013 add lustful
ZE.10015 add wroth
ZE.10017 add cruel
ZE.10019 become wounded
ZE.10021 add maimed
ZE.10023 add adventurer
ZE.10030 Demand more money
ZE.10031 Band creator gets my demand
ZE.10032 character_event
ZE.10033 letter_event
ZE.10038 character_event
ZE.10039 character_event
ZE.10070 Start to pay less
ZE.10071 Creator gets info
ZE.10075 Break Free
ZE.10076 letter_event

These events are related to mercenary companies from Ze mercenary events 2

ID Name
ZE.11000 character_event
ZE.11001 character_event
ZE.11010 character_event
ZE.11011 character_event
ZE.11020 Merc captains reaction to band being dissolved
ZE.11021 character_event
ZE.11030 flag clearing event for merc captains, the destroyer of worlds
ZE.11040 Replacing merc captain, old captains response
ZE.11050 character_event