Ze spymaster events

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These are events for spymasters from the DLC Conclave.

ID Name
ZE.2060 Stealing from realm coffers
ZE.2061 character_event
ZE.2062 character_event
ZE.2063 character_event
ZE.2064 character_event
ZE.2065 character_event
ZE.2066 character_event
ZE.2070 Using spy network to blackmail people
ZE.2071 character_event
ZE.2075 Precautionary safety measures
ZE.2076 character_event
ZE.2077 character_event
ZE.2078 character_event
ZE.2080 character_event
ZE.2081 character_event
ZE.2082 character_event
ZE.2083 character_event