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Casus Belli, usually referred to as CB, is a Latin expression literally meaning "case for war". It represents a justification for war that is recognized as legitimate by other nobles, religious leaders or whatever the predominant power structure is.

As with other games from Paradox Interactive, you need to have a CB to start a war in Crusader Kings II. You can have several CB for a single target, and each has its own goal and reward for success. Some are permanent such as holy wars and de jure claims, and some are only temporary such as excommunication wars.

There are several types of CB depending on your religion, your title, and your actions as well as external factors. You are only allowed to push a single CB per war, so you should choose the one that suits your purpose the most.

With the exception of the Tribal Invasion CB all offensive wars incur a one-way 10-year truce for the attacker, no matter what the outcome was, and these can be seen on any county personally held by the attacking leader. Breaking this truce will lower general opinion of you of all leaders of that religion (excluding your vassals) and cost prestige as well.

Types of casus belli


Most CB, if one discounts rebellions, are based around claims. If you or one of your vassals or courtiers have a claim upon a title in a realm, you can push this claim through war. If you have multiple personal claims upon a single realm you can push all of them at once, but you can only push a single claim for any other character per war. Claims can either be strong or weak. Weak claims can only be pushed if the titleholder is female or a minor and the claimant is not, or if the title is already being contest.

If you have a claim upon a title you have a certain 'right' to this title. Upon winning a claim war you, or the person you were pushing the claim for, will gain this title, and if you were pushing it for someone their opinion of you will increase by 100, and you'll gain 100 prestige. If it ends in a stalemate you'll lose 100 prestige, and if it ends in loss, the claim will be lost in addition to 200 prestige. When pushing a vassal's claim and losing you'll have to pay concessions.

De Jure

If you or a vassal hold a duchy, kingdom or empire, and part of this land is owned by another realm, you can push a de jure claim upon one of the counties held by the other realm. Even if the other realm holds more than one county you can only push a single de jure CB at once.

Unlike regular claims, de jure claims cannot be lost unless you lose control of the duchy/kingdom/empire. Losing a war merely means a loss of 200 prestige and a heavy monetary penalty, while you'll still keep the de jure CB.

After winning the war, if the holder of the county is the defender and it's not their only county (including their vassals) you, or the vassal you're pressing the claim for, will get control of the county directly. If it is their only county and they don't have a higher or equivalent rank as you then they will become your vassal (or your vassal's vassal). If it is their only county and they do have an equivalent or higher rank then you will also gain it directly, and they will become unlanded and their higher titles destroyed.

Success also gives 100 prestige, and if you were pushing the de jure claim for someone else they'll have their opinion of you increased by 100, On a white peace, you lose 100 prestige, and the defender gets 50 prestige with a further 50 being divided among the defender and any allies. On a loss, prestige changes are doubled and you also have to pay 4 times your annual income to the defender.

There are also barony de jure claims. If you, or one of your vassals controls a county and one of the minor holdings in the county is held by somebody outside your realm or is independent (does happen, quickly determined by both flags on a holding being the same), you will be able to press the de jure county claim in order to gain control of the barony-level holding. Prestige gains and losses are half those for a county claim.


As long as you're someone's vassal, you can try to achieve independence through war. If your previous liege was themselves the vassal of another liege (for example, if you're a count breaking free from a duke who is in turn under a king), you will become a direct vassal of the higher liege rather than becoming independent.

If you win you'll be free of your current liege, and if the liege you're rebelling from is a king or emperor, crown authority will be lowered one step. If you stalemate you'll lose 100 prestige, and if you lose you'll be imprisoned and lose 200 prestige. Like with changing law, you cannot use this CB more than one step up the chain.

Depose Liege

As long as no one else is trying to depose your liege, and your liege is not attempting to depose someone else or declaring independence, you can attempt to depose your liege. Upon victory crown authority will be lowered by one step (if the deposed liege is a king or emperor), and your liege will depose to the eligible heir you like the most. If you stalemate you'll lose 100 prestige, and if you lose you'll be imprisoned and lose 200 prestige. Like with changing law, you cannot use this CB more than one step up the chain.

Dispute Succession

If you're a pretender to your liege's throne, or someone in your realm is a pretender to any throne, you can dispute the succession. You are considered a pretender if you were second or third in line to the throne and the old ruler died within the past five years. Upon victory you (or the person you disputed the succession for) will gain the throne, and if it was a kingdom or empire crown authority will be reduced by one. White peace is impossible. If you lose, you'll be imprisoned, lose 200 prestige, and lose the claim.

Invasion (Christian)

If you are Christian and have a claim upon a throne or you're smaller than the realm in question (that is, you have fewer holdings in your realm), and the Pope condones your invasion (costing you 500 piety with Free Investiture or 250 with Papal Investiture), you can use the invasion CB. Upon victory you'll get the throne in question, 400 prestige, and every occupied holding, and also earn the title of "The Conqueror" . As such, you should occupy every holding before enforcing demands, as then you can install your own nobles. If you stalemate you'll lose 100 prestige. If you lose you'll lose 200 prestige, and have to pay concessions, and you'll lose your claim upon the throne.

Invasion (Muslim)

The Sword of Islam expansion adds a different form of Invasion for Muslim rulers. For 500 piety, all territory in a de jure kingdom belonging to a different religion can be attacked. Winning grants all holdings held in the target's demense, and also transfers vassalage of all subsidiary lords in the kingdom. The new vassals get a temporary +75 relations modifier with you, making it very easy to demand their conversion. Since patch 1.091, this CB is only usable on kingdoms that you border or own land in.


This is a special CB only available to religious heads with at least 5% Moral Authority. It targets all territories in a de jure kingdom held by heathens or heretics. Any coreligionist can join. Upon success, the participant with the highest contribution gets the kingdom title for the territory as well as all holdings in that territory held by the enemy. If the kingdom title is already held by a ruler of the same religion, that ruler gets the territory instead. In addition, the Moral Authority of the attacker increases by 20%, and 500 piety and 1000 prestige are divided among all participants by their percentage contribution, while the loser loses 100 piety.

On a white peace, the attacker loses 5% authority and 100 piety while the defender gets 2.5% authority, 200 prestige and 100 piety. On a loss, the attacker loses 10% authority, 200 piety, the principal defender gets 5% authority and 100 piety, and a further 300 prestige and 150 piety is divided up among all defenders.

Religious War

If you're in a different religious group than your target, your target is a heretic (of your parent religion, so Catholics can't attack Monophysites as they're an Orthodox heresy), or you are heretic, you can declare a religious war. Muslims can also attack non-heretic Muslims of a different denomination (Shias if Sunni, and vice versa). Upon victory you'll gain 50 prestige and all holdings (as long as they're occupied by you, or unoccupied) in the targeted duchy. If you stalemate you'll lose 50 piety and 100 prestige, and if you lose you'll lose 150 piety, 200 prestige, and be forced to pay concessions. The winner's religion gains 1% moral authority and the loser's loses 1%. Since patch 1.091, this CB may only be used on territory bordering yours or within two sea zones of yours.

Excommunicated Ruler

If someone has the same head of religion as you, and has been excommunicated, you can declare war upon them. Victory will give you 10 to 70 piety and 50 to 400 prestige depending on the excommunicated ruler's rank, and the target will be re-communicated and forced to abdicate. A white peace will lose you 50 piety and 100 prestige. Losing will lose you 100 piety, 200 prestige, and you'll be forced to pay concessions.

County Conquest

Added in the Sword of Islam expansion, the Conquest CB is used by Pagans and Muslims to attack any county directly bordering their own lands. It costs 50 Piety to use, and you must have the Piety for the option to show up. Victory gains you the county, or transfers vassalage of the county to you, and gives 100 Prestige. White Peace costs 100 Prestige. Losing costs 100 Prestige and forces you to pay concessions.

Faction CBs

If you are a vassal and meet various prerequisites, you may have some of the following faction options: Claim on Liege Plot, Claim on Vassal Plot, Weaken Vassal Plot, Lower Crown Authority, Change Seniority Succession Law, Change Primogeniture Succession Law, Change Feudal Elective Succession Law, Change Gavelkind Succession Law. Gaining sufficient support will enable you to put the plot into motion - usually resulting in war.

Decadence Invasion

This is used for the triggered invasion of Muslim dynasties who have gained too much decadence. A player can never use it, although it's possible to save and reload as the invasion leader once one starts. Upon success, the invader gets the top-level titles of the old ruler, as well as getting all occupied holdings. The invader also gets the nickname of "the Conqueror." The Crown Authority of the invaded kingdom is set to Autonomous Vassals. On a white peace or failure, the invader becomes the vassal of the target and is imprisoned, and also has to pay a heavy fine.

Imperial Reconquest

A super-powered CB available to the restored Roman Empire. On success, captures all holdings in the target duchy. May only be used on kingdoms once part of Rome (which is most of the map).

Seize trade post

For patricians and merchant republics targeting each other. Cannot be used against patricians in the same realm with significantly fewer holdings. On success, you gain the target trade post; on failure, you pay reparations.

City conquest

A republic-only CB added in patch 1.09. Usable if you control a trade port in the province. Targets a single city within the province.


Usable against merchant republics (or their lieges) who control trade posts in your realm. On success, all trade posts are destroyed and you earn significant money for each one conquered in this way.

Republic county conquest

Republic-only single county conquest, only usable if you already control a city in the port. You must either control a neighboring county or one at most two sea zones away.

Tribal Invasion

A modified invasion CB only for Mongols (Golden Horde, Il-Khanate, Timurids) that only requires a neighbor. Any outcome incurs a mere 1-year truce.

Gaining CBs

While some of these CBs you'll have merely due to your position, like the independence CB and the law change CBs, many of these can be gained on purpose.

First, the easiest type of CB to gain are claims. There are four primary ways to gain claims:

  1. Forge the claim. This doesn't works for anything above the ducal level (skill of 15 needed to forge a ducal claim)
  2. Marry someone who has an inheritable claim. Your children will have the claim and you can then push it
  3. Marry someone in your dynasty to someone who has an inheritable claim. Their children will have the claim, and you'll be able to push it
  4. Invite someone with a claim to your court. You'll then be able to push it

Second, de jure claims are also relatively easy to gain. If you can create a duchy that overlaps another realm's territory, this will gain you a de jure claim, and the same applies if you usurp it. In addition, after pushing a claim for a duchy, you'll often have de jure claims.

Third, dispute succession CBs can, like general claims, be gained by inviting someone with that CB to your realm.

Fourth, excommunication CBs are easy to get as long as the pope likes you, but these won't help you grow your realm. They're good for gaining some prestige, though.

Fifth, you can get religious war CBs on essentially the entire world if you convert to a heresy (A Catholic-derived heretic will have CBs on all rulers except Orthodox ones or other Catholic-derived heretics, while a Muslim heretic will have CBs on absolutely everyone except other followers of the same heresy). The easiest way to get heresy to appear so that you can convert is appointing an antipope, as this lowers the moral authority of the church. The lower the moral authority of the church, the more likely heresy is to spread. Then upon the first chance you get, you should change to whatever heresy arises. So while the drawbacks of heresy are severe (-30 opinion with all non-heretics, and increased rebel risk), the advantages when it comes to expansion are huge.

Using Your CB

Pushing your own claims and similar is rather straight forward. When pushing someone else's claim however you have to be careful, or they'll end up as an independent realm. They'll only be your vassal if they are already your vassal, they're in your dynasty, or the claim you pushed was for an area that is de jure part of your realm. If the title they took is at the same level as yours or above they'll be independent even if any of the above conditions apply, unless you have a liege above you where the conditions still apply.

The easiest way to ensure that they'll be part of your realm after pushing their claim is granting them a county in your realm first. The only way they can become independent then as a result of the claim pushed, is if the title they gain is at the same tier as yours, or higher.