Chronicle events

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This page lists event IDs and event links for the event list: Chronicle events

ID Name
CM.10000 When chronicle is begun (On Action on_chronicle_start)
CM.10001 When chronicle is transformed to new character (On Action on_chronicle_owner_change)
CM.10010 From on action on_death - check who died and create appropriate chronicle entries
CM.10011 From on action on_birth - check who was born and create appropriate chronicle entries
CM.19011 [untitled]
CM.10012 War
CM.10013 Joined ally in war
CM.10014 Answered call to arms
CM.10015 On crusade creation

Called from 'on_crusade_creation' new_character is the targetted [sic] enemy ROOT is the religious head FROM is the attacked kingdom title

CM.10016 On crusade success

ROOT is the target title new_character is the Enemy FROM is the taker

CM.10017 On crusade failure

ROOT is the target title new_character is the Enemy FROM is the Pope/Caliph

CM.10018 Aztec first contact
CM.10019 [untitled]
CM.10020 Aztec Invasion
CM.10021 Creates new higher level title
CM.10022 Usurps new higher level title
CM.10023 Marriage
CM.10024 From on action on_became_imprisoned - check who was imprisoned and create appropriate chronicle entries
CM.10025 From on action on-released-from-prison - check who was released and create appropriate chronicle entries
CM.10026 When a character converts to a new religion - on action: on_character_convert_religion
CM.10027 When a character converts to a new culture - On action: on_character_convert_culture
CM.10028 When a character acquires a nickname - On action: on_acquire_nickname
CM.10029 Won battle - On action: on_battle_won
CM.10030 Lost battle - On action: on_battle_lost
CM.10031 Won battle but didn't participate myself
CM.10032 Lost battle but didn't participate myself
CM.10033 Personally captured major settlement
CM.10034 My forces captured major settlement
CM.10035 Enemy forces captured major settlement
CM.10036 Marriage of primary heir - ROOT is employer. FROM is employers "employee". new_character is the other spouse.
CM.10037 Divorce
CM.10038 Peace, attacker won
CM.10039 Inherit major title - # ROOT is the character, FROM is the, FROMFROM is the old holder
CM.10040 Peace, whitepeace
CM.10041 Peace, defender won
CM.10500 Dragon Sighted
CM.10501 province_event
CM.10502 Giant sighted
CM.10503 province_event
CM.10504 Sea serpents sighted
CM.10505 province_event
CM.10506 Strange shapes seen dancing on the moon
CM.10507 Ten feet tall woman
CM.10508 province_event
CM.10509 Raining blood
CM.10510 province_event
CM.10511 Strange plague kills rabbits
CM.10512 province_event
CM.10513 Earthquake
CM.10514 province_event
CM.10515 Flood
CM.10516 province_event
CM.10517 Two suns were seen
CM.10518 province_event
CM.10519 Goat with three heads was born
CM.10520 province_event
CM.10521 Bird invasion
CM.10522 province_event
CM.10523 Many children born in province
CM.10524 province_event
CM.10525 Province celebrates beloved ruler
CM.10526 province_event
CM.10527 A star falls from the sky
CM.10528 province_event
CM.10529 Bountiful harvest