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The Europa Universalis 4 Save Converter is a DLC that was released together with patch 1.11.

In order to modify it, you need to edit the Crusader Kings II\eu4_converter\ folder, all files related to the EUIV converter are stored there. The vanilla files were moved inside /dlc/

Modifying the converter does not change the checksum of the game.


In culture_table.csv, what Europa Universalis IV culture a Crusader Kings II culture converts to is defined.

The format of the file is the following:

CK2 culture;EU4 culture;Whether or not the culture is custom defined by the converter;EU4 culture name

Here are two examples:


In this case, norse is the name of the culture in Crusader Kings II (cultures are defined in the \common\cultures folder), norse is the culture the converter will map it to in Europa Universalis IV (as it is custom it is defined in the \eu4_converter\common\cultures folder), 1 implies that it is a custom culture from the converter, and Norse is the name of the culture in Europa Universalis IV.


In this case, the swedish culture is already present in Europa Universalis IV, so the value is set to 0, and the converter will map it to the existant culture in Europa Universalis IV (cultures are defined in the common\cultures folder).


Inside province_table.csv, what province in Europa Universalis IV a Crusader Kings II title converts to is defined.

The format of the file is the following:

CK2 title ID;EU4 province ID;EU4 province ID - EU4 province name (filename);CK2 title name - EU4 province name

Here is an example:

c_vestisland;370;370 - Reykjavik;Vestisland - Reykjavik

In the example, c_vestisland is the title ID in Crusader Kings II (title IDs are defined in the \common\landed_titles folder), 370 is the province ID in Europa Universalis IV, while 370 - Reykjavik is the province ID and name in Europa Universalis IV (which is the filename in the \history\provinces folder) and Vestisland - Reykjavik are the title name in Crusader Kings II and province name in Europa Universalis IV.

Both duchy and province titles from Crusader Kings II can be defined, but in case there is both a duchy and a county for the same Europa Universalis IV province, the duchy needs to be specified, by adding Duchy before the Crusader Kings II title name.

Here is an example of that:

d_munster;375;375 - Munster;Duchy Munster - Munster
c_desmond;375;375 - Munster;Desmond - Munster

This is also the case if there is a duchy and a county with identical names, then both the duchy and the county need to be specified.

Here is an example of this case:

d_leinster;374;374 - Leinster;Duchy Leinster - Leinster
c_leinster;374;374 - Leinster;County Leinster - Leinster