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Favor.png Favors are a type of relationship and a sort of currency between characters, where one character is in debt towards another character because of a past action. This mechanic requires the DLC icon Conclave.pngConclave DLC.

This is lighter than family, friendships and rivalries, which are long term relationships.

A character can only owe another character at most one favor at a time.

Gaining favorsEdit

Character Reason Requirements
Any adult Buy Favor Enough wealth and high enough opinion.
Any adult Swaying Possible outcome of inviting your swayee to a long visit.
Liege War chest donation Liege has the Build a war chest   ambition. You take the decision to offer a donation of 200g, and they choose to accept it.
Liege Bankruptcy Liege has negative wealth and randomly asks you for money.
Liege Steward creates windfall 👑 Steward has 15+ stewardship and is ambitious  . Liege has not had this event trigger before. Liege must have a county that is not the capital and can be given away: the steward hopes to be gifted the county but is given a favor instead.
Liege Chancellor teaches languages 👑 Chancellor is either diligent   or (12+ diplomacy and gregarious  ).
Liege Train commanders 👑 Vassal with a leadership trait offers to train three commanders in that trait.
Vassal must have 12 martial, playable tier, and a leadership trait (not including Holy warrior   or Chinese traits).
At least three of the liege's commanders must have 6 martial, room for another leadership trait, and no traits that are eligible for teaching.
Liege /
Fellow councilor
Requested council support They request your support in council votes, offering a future favor rather than calling in an existing one.
Councilor Discovery of theft One of your councilors has less than 35 opinion of you, is arbitrary  , or is greedy   and not just  ). They steal money and you catch them.
Prisoner Complains about dungeon cell You choose to release them, rather than putting them in the oubliette where they belong.
Vassal Requests county from liege Acquire Title ambition
Vassal Requests vassal transfer 👑 Desires transfer of their de jure vassal. Both the liege and the lower-tier vassal must be at peace.
Vassal Demanded that other vassal surrender If you interfere in a vassal war by demanding that the defender surrender, then the attacker owes you a favor.

👑 When playing as a liege, it may be worthwhile to ensure these events can trigger.

Using favorsEdit

Favors can be used for the following:

Use of favor Requirements Notes
Make a council member vote like you on the council
  • They are on the same council (and not your liege)
  • They are not already influenced by a favor (e.g. from another councilor)
  • Lasts 3 years.
  • You cannot buy another favor from this character while this favor is active, even for an unrelated purpose.
Start a law vote for your liege
  • Council must be empowered to vote on laws
  • Currently a free voter ("not under a favor")
  • Open the laws screen (F4) and select your liege's title from the top strip.
  • Can start votes on laws in the following categories: council voting powers, vassal obligations, out-of-realm inheritance, and vassal wars.
  • Liege will be forced to vote against the proposed law.
  • Liege will be unable to initiate a law change for a while.
Force realm peace from your liege
Prevent realm peace from your liege
  • Liege cannot enforce realm peace for 2 years
Ask your liege to press one of your claims in a war
  • Liege's council must be empowered to vote on war declaration
  • Liege's council must agree
  • Liege must not have a truce with target
  • Liege must be at peace
  • Liege must be able to declare the war (e.g. no raised levies)
  • Liege must not have recently refused to press our claims
  • Target must be a valid war target for liege
  • Target must not hold a temporary title

You can request that your liege press your personal claim or declare a de jure war on your behalf. To request, right-click on the target (not on your liege).

As liege, you have the option to refuse such a request. If you refuse:

  • The favor is not spent
  • The requester's opinion decreases (-5 "Refused to press claim" for 1 year)
  • The council becomes discontent for 2 years (but no tyranny is incurred)
Force acceptance of a Arrange Marriage or Arrange Betrothal proposal
  • Your candidate is dynastic
  • Their candidate is not the ruler or heir
  • Marriage is patrilineal or your candidate is the groom
  • Can be used across religion groups!
  • Immediate!
  • Betrothals arranged using favors cannot be broken, but the marriage can be delayed indefinitely
Force acceptance of an Educate Child proposal
  • Can be used across religion groups!
  • Immediate!
  • Guardianship contracts can always be broken (a bug?)
Force acceptance of an End Plot or Stop Backing Plot request
Force acceptance of an Invite to Court proposal
  • Not married
  • Not a councilor
  • Not close relative of current liege
  • Can be used across religion groups!
  • Useful for setting up matrilineal marriages if target's liege is not agreeable to such a marriage.
  • Useful for inviting unmarried adventurers to your court for assassination or granting of barony
Force acceptance of a Call to Arms
Force acceptance of an Ask to Embargo proposal
Force someone to join factions you lead
  • You must lead a faction they can join
  • They immediately join your current factions (that they can join)
  • They will join most of your other factions for 10 years ("-5 Coerced into Joining Faction")
  • Council influence for 3 years
Force your liege to give you a Council position
  • Right-click liege, select "Demand Council Position", and select the position you want
  • Liege cannot fire councilor for 5 years ("-5 Was forced to give a Council Position")
  • Players may respond with Change council position
Ask for Pardon Liege has one of 20 specific opinion modifiers (ones that allows imprisonment?)
Force decadent kinsman to to straighten up They initially refused to straighten up Option may be hidden if four other options are available, which occurs when the head of dynasty has high enough Diplomacy, Intrigue and Learning at the same time. (?)
Force acceptance of Demand peace   The Reaper's Due
Force acceptance of Demand gavelkind   The Reaper's Due
Call in Succession Support
  • Both characters need to be electors of at least one title in common
  • Target character is not the current holder of the elected title
Will vote as you do for 10 years

Preventing troublesome uses of favorsEdit

It is often possible to mitigate the risk of letting another character hold a favor on you:

  • Councilors often spend favors to suggest law changes. Lieges without absolutism (or with regents) may wish to fire any council member who gains a favor on them.
  • Vassals often spend favors to gain council positions. A liege can preempt this by transferring them under another vassal of higher rank, or reduce the damage by swapping the new councilor into a harmless Advisor slot.
  • Rulers sometimes spend favors to force marriages. If a courtier is above 12 but isn't ready to marry, set up a fake betrothal so other rulers can't nab them.
  • If your income is substantial, consider redeeming the favor using wealth.

Other ways of gaining favorsEdit

  • Players who were playing as vassals have noted that a fellow council voter may approach the player's character and request for council support in exchange for a favor, if relations with their liege are bad; this comes after the player used the Intrigue focus to inform their liege of the council voter's misbehaviour. This can help a lot for the "Shadow Prince" achievement.
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