Got Land Walkthrough

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Got Land Walkthrough
County of Gotland
Chiefdom of Gotland
Start Date
Jan 1 769 ; Jan 1 867

At the Early Middle Ages bookmark, the Chiefdom of Gotland, located on the small Island of Gotland near Sweden, is independant and lead by 38 years old Þorfinn of Gotland. At the Viking age bookmark, the Chiefdom of Gotland is still independant and lead by 26 years old Steinn of Gotland.

By starting as one these characters, you can gain the "Got Land" achievement by creating the Scandinavian Empire. Note that you do not need to personally own the county of Gotland at the time of founding the empire to get the achievement.

Due to the way Norse Tribal gameplay snowballs after some time, this achievements simply consists in ensuring to start the snowballing effect. This is done by chain-subjugating all rulers within the de jure Kingdom of Sweden.

769 start[edit | edit source]

Initial Configuration[edit | edit source]

The Chiefdom of Gotland is only connected to land by a strait across the Bight of Hanö, to the County of Tjust. The whole de jure duchies of Austergautland, Värend and Tjust are controlled by an independant High Chief, King Hjörvardr of Austergautland of the Ulfing house. Note that the High Chief only owns the northern half of his realm, the south being owned by his son and heir, Högne of Värend. North of this realm lies probably the biggest threat to your achievement run : King Sigurdr of Sviþjod, an independent High Chief who owns the whole de jure area of Sviþjod and two other counties. This ruler will try to form the Kingdom of Sweden, and has a great number of troops. South of the High Chiefdom of Austergautland lies the High Chiefdom of Sjælland lead by King Haraldr of Sjælland who also has a great number of troops and will try to form the Kingdom of Denmark and will most of the time subjugate the High Chiefdom of Vestergautland

Getting started[edit | edit source]

Your first target will be the High Chiefdom of Austergautland. A good way to weaken this quite threatening realm is to assassinate the King. His wife is 44 at the start of the game, and he only has one son. If you do that quick enough, his son will inherit all his counties along with the duchies. This will force him to distribute counties to avoid being over the demesne size limit. The goal is to gain the power to subjugate Austergautland. In order to do that, take the ambition 'Become the King of Sweden' and subjugate the independent counties North of Sviþjod. Send your spymaster to study technology in Paris. With luck, you will get twice 50 economic tech points that you should invest in Shipbuilding for early raiding. Keep in mind that you will get free shipyards at year 800. As soon as you have ships, start raiding. This will be your main (and realistically only) source of income for the whole run. After gaining power, even though you are smaller, the fact that you own everything in your realm will greatly help to subjugate Austergautland. You should assign your Steward to build a legend. Once warriors have been summoned, declare war on your neighbour. Use these troops alongside your personal levy from Gotland to quickly destroy the vassal armies of the King before they stack on his own army. Quickly escape before the enemy attacks your troops and stack your armies from the counties in the North with the others, then attack. You should win pretty easily.

At this point, Sviþjod might attack to subjugate. If you win, good. You might be able to attack just after, while he's still weak, and subjugate. If you do so, skip to the last part. If Sviþjod subjugates you, you could reset the run or try again after gavelkind splits Sviþjod in half. Keep in mind this will take one more generation ...

Forming the Kingdom of Sweden[edit | edit source]

At this point, you should start raiding as much as you can to build up some money. Don't forget to upgrade your counties. You could then attack Sviþjod and use mercenaries to win. Conquer counties in Lappland and Finland, as the characters in these regions are of the Suomenusko faith. Then you're basically sure to win. Once you subjugated Sviþjod, you can form the Kingdom of Sweden.

Forming the Scandinavian Empire[edit | edit source]

Once Sweden has been formed, you already snowballed. It's just a matter of time before you form Scandinavia.