HL Mercenary Events

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These are events for custom mercenary bands characters can set up, introduced in the DLC Horse Lords.

ID Name
HL.10100 Improve on military education
HL.10101 Notify band creator of education change
HL.10200 Mercenary captain stop being a silly coward
HL.10201 Notify band creator of craven removal
HL.10210 Mercenary captain becomes brave
HL.10211 Notify band creator of brave added
HL.10220 Mercenary captain becomes diligent
HL.10221 Notify band creator of brave added
HL.10230 Mercenary captain stopped being kind
HL.10231 Notify band creator of kind removed
HL.10240 Mercenary captain stops being humble
HL.10241 Notify band creator of humble removed
HL.10250 Mercenary captain becomes lustful
HL.10251 Notify band creator of lustful added
HL.10260 Mercenary captain becomes very angry
HL.10261 Notify band creator of wroth added
HL.10270 Mercenary captain becomes cruel
HL.10271 Notify band creator of cruel added
HL.10300 Fighting a great commander
HL.10301 Notify band creator of awesome fight with prestigious commander
HL.10400 Mercenary captain starts to gain sympathy for local religion
HL.10401 character_event
HL.10410 Mercenary captain converts to local religion
HL.10411 character_event
HL.10500 Seduction event between captain and child of employer
HL.10501 Notify daddy about eloping
HL.10502 Notify host about eloping
HL.10510 Duel between son of employer and mercenary captain
HL.10511 Nothing happens result
HL.10512 Wound result
HL.10513 Maimed result
HL.10514 Death result
HL.10515 Notify daddy about nothing happening duel
HL.10516 Notify band creator about nothing happening duel
HL.10517 Notify daddy about wound duel
HL.10518 Notify band creator about wound duel
HL.10519 Notify daddy about maimed duel
HL.10520 Notify band creator about maimed duel
HL.10521 Notify daddy about death duel
HL.10522 Notify band creator about death duel
HL.10530 Possibility to invite mercenary captains to a feast
HL.10531 Mercenary captain responds
HL.10532 Response to feast from mercenary captain is positive
HL.10533 Response to feast from mercenary captain is negative
HL.10600 The captain gain mercenary traditions from being on the field
HL.10601 Notifying Daddy about becoming skilled with handling mercenaries
HL.10610 Curious about tales from dads for ward
HL.10611 Non-father guardian event
HL.10612 Father guardian event
HL.10613 Ward is told tales of his fathers deeds
HL.10614 Ward is refused the tales of his father
HL.10700 Notification event for increase in mercenary size
HL.10701 Notification event for wasting money on debauchery