Hf african flavor events

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These are african flavor events from Holy Fury.

ID Events
Example # Story-telling
Example # Rains down in Africa (SETUP)
Example # Rain development (on 5 year pulse)
Example # Delay for the tombola below (from on bi_yearly_pulse)
Example # Tombola for flavor/risks/bonuses related to the rain/drought... (from event above )
Example # Positive news (Rain dances had an effect??)
Example # Positive news (Surprise, things are great - keep it going?)
Example # Negative news (Attempt a rain dance?)
Example # Rains: "The Winds Over <Realm>" (Choose to prepare for the future somehow)
Example # Drought: "The Winds Over <Realm>" (Choose a province to feed)
Example # Landslide (negative heavy rain)
Example # Drought kills people (negative drought)
Example # Rotting Library (negative heavy rain)
Example # Flooded Armory (negative heavy rain)
Example # People are suffering from the drought. (negative drought)