Hf african flavor events

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These are african flavor events from Holy Fury.

ID Events
HF.15000 Story-telling
HF.15099 Rains down in Africa (SETUP)
HF.15100 Rain development (on 5 year pulse)
HF.15098 Delay for the tombola below (from on bi_yearly_pulse)
HF.15120 Tombola for flavor/risks/bonuses related to the rain/drought... (from event above )
HF.15101 Positive news (Rain dances had an effect??)
HF.15102 Positive news (Surprise, things are great - keep it going?)
HF.15103 Negative news (Attempt a rain dance?)
HF.15110 Rains: "The Winds Over <Realm>" (Choose to prepare for the future somehow)
HF.15111 Drought: "The Winds Over <Realm>" (Choose a province to feed)
HF.15121 Landslide (negative heavy rain)
HF.15122 Drought kills people (negative drought)
HF.15123 Rotting Library (negative heavy rain)
HF.15124 Flooded Armory (negative heavy rain)
HF.15125 People are suffering from the drought. (negative drought)