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Game modification: Historical Immersion Project
Historical Immersion Project
Major Overhaul

HIP Team

2020-07-09 (Frosty3) for CKII v3.3.3


The Historical Immersion Project (HIP) is a collection of mods for Crusader Kings II which are designed to be able to work together in any combination. As the name suggests, all of its modules share a common focus upon historical immersion, while also aiming to provide improved balance and new mechanics and flavor.

HIP is not currently available on Steam Workshop because of conflicts between the modular installer and the limitations of the Workshop system. However, the team do have a Steam group where players can get notifications of new releases and keep track of other HIP players.

HIP modules[edit | edit source]

Every mod included in HIP is packaged in a single, automatic installer, and they can be installed alone or in any combination. The following modules are currently available:

Extended Mechanics & Flavor (EMF)[edit | edit source]

EMF is the core overhaul mod in HIP. It is based on (but replaces) the now defunct Project Balance. EMF focuses on providing historically plausible, coherent new mechanics and flavor for your CK2 experience. It also improves upon, and occasionally fixes, certain aspects of the vanilla game experience.

Major changes[edit | edit source]

  • Improved Crown Laws: Configurable crown authority which unlocks different sub-laws at each level as well as different succession laws, casus belli, and other effects. Unique law-change cooldown and faction mechanics.
  • Dynamic Levies: Reduces the liege levy available to all rulers as their realms get larger.
  • Smart Tactics System: Complete combat tactics overhaul for more realistic combat tactics, outcomes, cultural command differences, and overall balance. Tactics/terrain/etc. actually matter now.
  • Weather System: Considers terrain, season, and other factors while it spreads meteorologic chaos amongst provinces, affecting levy sizes, taxes, local army movement speed, and more.
  • Automatic Empire Disintegration: Dissolves empires which fail to meet certain size requirements, forcing rulers of said empires back to king-tier titles.
  • Improved Sieges: Sieges during regular warfare and during looting are now treated differently and both types have new mechanics and flavor.
  • Customization Options: Tired of playing the same old game? Mix it up a bit with one of many customization decisions available in the Intrigue menu, before unpausing.
  • Automatic Land Distribution: Distribute recently-acquired counties to new nobles or existing "best-fit" courtiers with a deliberate, robust mechanism that makes land distribution a breeze.
  • Much, much more.

Some What More Historic (SWMH)[edit | edit source]

Main article: SWMH

SWMH is first and foremost a comprehensive map overhaul, we have gone to great lengths to bring alive the medieval world as contemporary accurately as possible. Secondly it includes substantial work on history and cultural related features. All this work has been conducted with a philosophy of keeping as close to the core features as possible, in order to maximize compatibility with other mods.

Map features[edit | edit source]

  • Adds an in depth overhaul of the map, in the process adding more than 500 provinces, 7000 medieval baronies and reworking entities down to the last barony.
  • Adds new hand drawn coastlines for: Northern Europe(everything north of Bilbao, excluding Iceland, Finnish lakes, and white sea coast), Atlantic coast of Morocco, western Mediterranean islands, a few places on the Italian peninsula, and Rhodos
  • Adds a massive river and lake overhaul.
  • Adds redrawn mountains for the Iberian peninsula and Carpathians.
  • Adds proper terrain for great parts of Europe.

Cultural features[edit | edit source]

  • Adds many new cultures, including a breakup of the Italian culture.
  • Adds real cultural retinues, every culture has a retinue based on an appropriate real life military unit.
  • Adds cultural modifiers, every culture is no longer the same as the next one.
  • Adds unique, and culture specific form of address and titles.
  • Adds cultural appropriate spelling to all entities (from empires all the way down to baronies), with many styling their contemporary medieval spelling form (For instance Denmark sporting medieval danish, while Norway featuring westnorse spelling).
  • Adds full dynamic naming to the Iberian peninsula, British isles and Baltic adjacent areas

History features[edit | edit source]

  • Adds a great many new historic dynasties and characters
  • Adds more playable historical characters
  • Adds the actual real life rulers to many entities

VIET[edit | edit source]

VIET (Vanilla Immersion events and traits) is a mod that offers tons of new flavor events that provide variety (and the occasional surprise) to your game play. This is mod is, however, not included with current versions of HIP anymore. Support and integration for the mod has been dropped after 2015 after the original creator temporarily left the CK2 modding community. However, the reboot Viet Events Reborn should be compatible with HIP even though it's not integrated.

ARKOPack[edit | edit source]

Coat of Arms (CoA) supplement and/or interface overhaul, including:

  • a new set of dynastic Coa (600+)
  • new or reworked Coa for Titles - more historical or just better versions (150+)
  • a brand new set of patterns for random Coa (130+) + for muslims too (40+) + for pagans (60) * some preview testing for jews
  • new interface and graphic for various stuff (character screen, laws screen, outliner, province view, siege view, tradepost view etc. )
  • a whole set of new event pictures
  • extended a bit the cultural naming of dynasties from vanilla

CPRplus[edit | edit source]

CPRplus is a successor character portrait mod to Cybrxkhan's Culture and Portrait Revamp (customarily called "CPR" for shorthand) and the CPR Flavor Plus! submod by sifsilver, both in name and content. The goal of CPRplus remains the same as CPR’s: to offer more variety in character portrait. CPRplus seeks to do so through not only this principle but also through additional graphical assets, recoloring some and completely overhauling others as well as reorganizing how and when graphic assets are displayed in-game. The result is a very uniform and smoother transition from culture to culture, without any one particular culture sticking out oddly because of its original art style.

Feature highlights[edit | edit source]

  • Various new portrait sets using existing and new graphical assets, both from CPR and brand new from CPRplus
  • Recolored skin tone
  • Reworked facial elements
  • New graphical assets that reflect physical or psychological traits (e.g. Ugly, Maimed, Depressed, Measles)
  • New headgear and clothing graphical assets
  • Tweaks to portrait code (e.g. portrait background reflects the character’s geographic location; independent nomadic rulers have access to more than one headgear like the rest of king-tier rulers)
  • Men under 18 and Catholic priests do not grow beards
  • Men over 80 go bald
  • A character with high personal combat and Martial stats is awarded a knight armor; a separate set exists for characters with the Crusader trait
  • Cardinals wear the red galero

Required DLC[edit | edit source]

The following list of DLC is required for CPRplus to work properly:

  • African Portraits
  • Celtic Portraits
  • Mediterranean Portraits
  • Mongol Face Pack
  • Norse Portraits
  • Russian Portraits
  • Turkish Portraits
  • Persian Portraits
  • Early Western Clothing Pack
  • Early Eastern Clothing Pack
  • Iberian Portraits
  • Horse Lords Content Pack
  • Conclave Content Pack
  • South Indian Portraits
  • The Reaper's Due Content Pack
  • Rajas of India
  • Monks and Mystics
  • Jade Dragon
  • Holy Fury

Warning: If any of the DLC is missing, CPRplus will not be installed.

Lindbrooks Texture Map (LTM)[edit | edit source]

LTM is a graphics overhaul mod for the SWMH map. The mod replaces and adds lots of map related materials, both to the terrain map and political maps, such as new textures, borders, rivers, shaders, trees, terrain, etc., with assets of higher quality, variety, accuracy, and discernibility. LTM for vanilla is a lite edition however, this means that it only replaces existing vanilla assets but does not add any additional content nor does it make any improvements to the vanilla map, that being said, LTM 'lite' still makes the vanilla map far more clear and pretty than what is originally.


Installation[edit | edit source]

Windows installation[edit | edit source]

For a visual guide to the process with, er, *ahem*, insightful commentary, check-out these visual installation instructions.
  1. If you have a modules folder in your mod folder, delete it.
  2. Unzip everything inside the downloaded .7z archive (e.g., HIP_-_WoL_-_<RELEASE DATE>.7z) directly into your mod folder (cannot stress this enough -- unzip directly into your mod folder).
  3. If running Mac OS X or Linux, proceed to those instructions below. If on Windows, continue.
  4. Run HIP.exe, which was unzipped into your mod folder.
  5. Answer the questions the command line asks. Default answers are shown in square brackets following each prompt.
  6. Enable HIP through the launcher, disable other mods that you may have enabled previously, and start the game. By default, the mod's name in the launcher is HIP - Historical Immersion Project.

Mac OS X / Linux installation[edit | edit source]

NOTE: For these instructions, you will need to use Terminal (OS X) or any such equivalent (Linux) to change directories to your mod folder. The command to change directories to your mod folder, assuming that it's in its standard location, follows:
Mac OS X
cd ~/"Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod"
cd ~/".paradoxinteractive/Crusader Kings II/mod"
  1. You've already unzipped everything in the downloaded HIP .7z archive into your mod folder as per the standard installation instructions.
  2. Find the application Terminal that comes with your Mac. It is impossible to uninstall and bundled with every Mac. If it's not on your Launcher already, then search Finder under Applications for Terminal. It should be in a subfolder in Applications with other system utilities. Run Terminal. [ On Linux, just run your favorite terminal application. ]
  3. Copy and paste, on to your terminal command-line, the aforementioned command for changing directories to your mod folder on your specific operating system type. [ Hit ENTER afterward. ]
  4. Run (type this in and hit ENTER): python main.py
  5. You should now be running the automatic installer, and your experience should be identical to that of Windows, except that the Windows console sucks compared to your terminal. Note that DLC auto-detection for CPRplus IS NOW SUPPORTED under Mac/Linux.
  6. Answer the questions prompted on the command line. Default answers are indicated in square brackets at the end of each prompt.
  7. Enable HIP (named, by default, HIP - Historical Immersion Project) in the launcher, and launch.

Troubleshooting HIP[edit | edit source]

Basic troubleshooting steps[edit | edit source]

  • Verify your game cache through Steam
    • In your Steam library, right-click on Crusader Kings II, and then select Properties. Select the tab LOCAL FILES, then press the button VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE.
  • Delete any prior HIP modules/ sub-folder in your mod folder, and then reinstall the most recent version of HIP
  • Make sure you aren't trying to use other mods which aren't compatible with HIP

Specific issues[edit | edit source]

Game crashing at character selection[edit | edit source]

This happens most often when trying to use CPRplus without enabling all the required DLC.

Black flags all over map[edit | edit source]

Try deleting the flag cache. On Windows machines navigate to the following directory:

Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/HIP/ then delete the gfx folder.

NOTE: The black flag IS the correct Coat of Arms for the Abbasids.

Still having problems?[edit | edit source]

Report them to us in our Bug Report thread. Make sure to include the following information:

  • The contents of the version.txt file in your HIP folder (default: from your mod folder, Historical Immersion Project/version.txt)
  • Any non-HIP mods you're trying to use with HIP
  • Any personal changes or edits you've made to HIP
  • Whether you're using a Mac or Linux computer
  • Screenshots if feasible

Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

Q: Who is this Isis character?

  • The Great Goddess Isis does not welcome your questions; the Great Goddess Isis is above petty human concerns such as function. But if you must know, she's a useful construct. She runs our starting events, controls the weather, clears children's guardians so they can be imprisoned properly, and many other things besides. She's basically a cooler version of the Pope.

Q: Where is the 769 bookmark?

  • SWMH doesn't include the 769 Charlemagne bookmark and likely never will. The lack of reliable historical information for that date prevents the SWMH team from making it significantly more historically accurate, which is the whole purpose of the mod. If you want to play from the 769 start, you'll need to install HIP without SWMH. If you'd like more information about why SWMH made this decision, you can read the forum thread.

Q: Where is India?

  • India isn't currently available on the SWMH map. The SWMH team will be adding some parts of India in an upcoming release, but won't be adding the entire thing due to time limitations, concerns about performance, and questions over the relevance of the more distant areas to the areas of the map SWMH focuses upon. If you want the whole of India then you'll need to install HIP without SWMH. You can read discussion about this topic in the forum thread.

HIP forum threads[edit | edit source]

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