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Holy Fury.png Holy Fury
Holy Fury banner.jpg
Release date / Patch
2018-11-13 / 3.0

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Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury expansion feature spotlight by CK2's game designer Alexander "rageair" Oltner.

Holy Fury.png Holy Fury (HF) is the 13th major expansion for Crusader Kings II. It was announced on 2018-05-19[1] and released 2018-11-13 alongside patch 3.0.

Expansion features[edit | edit source]

  • Shattered and Random Worlds: Start your game on a fictional map of Europe as a small realm fighting for space, or on a random map with historical analogues for the great kingdoms of yore.
  • Warrior Lodges: Join a Pagan warrior lodge and raid your way up the ranks, unlocking access to powerful allies and greater military skill.
  • Legendary bloodlines: Descendants of great warrior heroes will have bonuses that match the accomplishments of their forefathers, including historical bloodlines of Charlemagne, Genghis Khan and others..
  • Sway or Antagonize your neighbors: Try to win a reluctant vassal through charm and persuasion, or provoke someone you want to push into conflict.
  • Sainthood: Pious Christians can become canonized, passing on their glory to their descendants and making their resting place a site of great value.
  • Coronations: Feudal catholic/fraticelli kings and emperors must find clergy to crown them, since all power descends from the heavens.
  • New Crusade events: Deeper gameplay for the religious wars of the era.
  • New Succession laws: A Pagan Elder Council may have the final word in how a realm is divided among heirs, or a ruler may challenge his brother to combat to unify a realm.
  • Playable Hellenism: A ruler can revive the dead ancient Greco-Roman religion when meeting some strict requirements.
  • New portraits for the French, Arabic, West Slavic and Italian cultures.[2]
  • And much more: Changes to religion, custom names for people or objects, deeper baptismal mechanics, lists of people you’ve killed, and other small changes for flavor and variety.

Free features[edit | edit source]

  • Map and setup improvements (including Tartaria, Russia, Scandinavia, the Wendish Empire, the HRE, Italy, Francia, Britannia, Hispania, the Byzantine Empire minus Bulgaria, Wallachia, Mali, Abyssinia, and North Africa).
  • New game rule, reducing "border gore" if enabled.
  • Reworked Crusade mechanics for Catholics and Fraticelli.
  • Reworked character view interface.
  • Added flavor events around lifestyle and battles
  • Reworked elective succession laws. New princely elective for the Holy Roman Empire and imperial elective for the Byzantine Empire
  • New imperial government for the Byzantine and Roman empires
  • Rebalancing of the personal combat rating system
  • to be added.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Holy Fury patch was initially targeted as "patch 2.9", as visible in some documentation in game files.
  • The project lead had to sell a 1 full year development cycle to the product manager[3], probably the biggest development time for any Paradox expansion so far.

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Holy Fury expansion and patch 3.0.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Polishing up the Map Slowly working through some of the more neglected areas of the map and increasing the granularity of the playing field. 2018-01-29
2 Beautifying the Baltics Map and setup changes in the Baltic regions. 2018-02-19
3 Finishing Finland Improvements to the map and setup changes in the Finnish region. 2018-03-12
4 Cleaning up the Map New game rule about the succession of exclaves 2018-04-09
5 God Wills It! A rework of the Crusade mechanics. 2018-05-14
6 Renovating Russia Map changes to the Russian Region. 2018-05-21
7 Legacy of Legends Bloodlines features displayed. 2018-06-01
8 Character View Redux Rework of the Character View Interface 2018-06-08
9 Killing Spree Keeping a list of one's kills 2018-06-15
10 A Faith In My Own Image Dynamic pagan reformation -- tailor the new religion to suit your needs. 2018-06-21
11 Mass Conversion, or how I learned to stop my Pagan ways and love God An easy way to convert, but with varying results. 2018-06-29
12 Splendid Scandinavia Updated maps for the Scandinavian nations 2018-07-06
13 Altering the Alps and Idealizing Italy Reworked map of North & Central Italy, Bavaria, parts of Burgundy 2018-07-13
14 Orders of Magnitude Changes to Holy Orders, part of incoming free patch 2018-07-20
15 Venetian Guile Fixing an existing crusade event chain and adding new ones 2018-07-27
16 Conquest and Reconquest The crusades of the Baltics and the Iberian Peninsula 2018-08-03
17 Amending Africa Map changes in Africa 2018-08-10
18 Maybe I *should* diet… Fat and malnourished traits, reflected by character portrait 2018-08-17
19 Pagan Pals - Warrior Lodges Warrior lodge societies explained 2018-08-24
20 Catholicism what? Constantinople where? Charlemagne who? Shattered World and Random World systems 2018-08-31
21 Do you like me yet? Swaying and Antagonizing 2018-09-07
22 Come Fight Me New duel and battlefield events, and scarring and tattoos 2018-09-14
23 Saints and Ancestors Saints, their potential Pagan counterparts, and how they will work in Holy Fury 2018-09-21
24 About that one dead religion... Hellenism (Zeus Vult!) 2018-09-28
25 Long live the King! Catholic Coronation Ceremonies 2018-10-05
26 Forging a Bloodline Custom Bloodlines 2018-10-12
27 Clergy Interactions Revamp Improved interaction with the Papacy 2018-10-19
28 New Succession Laws Extravaganza Imperial government, new succession types and revamped nominee system 2018-10-26
29 Sprinkling Flavor New flavor events for baptism and pregnant women, and reformed pagan doctrine flavor 2018-11-02
30 Achievements & Appearances Summary of new achievements and character portraits 2018-11-09
31 We Released the Fury Continuing to work on small improvements for the game before the winter vacation. 2018-11-16
32 It's not a bug The team shares their encounters with amusing bugs during the development of Holy Fury 2018-11-23
33 Early Patch Notes for 3.0.1 Early peek at the bug-fix patch notes 2018-12-03
34 Until Next Year Closing this year with a teaser picture for the next year 2018-12-14

References[edit | edit source]