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Jade Dragon.png Jade Dragon
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Release date / Patch
2017-11-16 / 2.8

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Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon expansion feature spotlight by CK2's game director Henrik "Doomdark" Fåhraeus.

Jade Dragon (JD) is the 12th major expansion for Crusader Kings II. It was announced on 2017-08-24[1]. It was released on 2017-11-16[2]. The expansion coincides with patch 2.8.

DLC features[edit | edit source]

  • The Imperial Majesty Request: A new “China Screen” lays out the status and desires of the Emperor of China, letting you keep tabs on what he wants and how to earn his grace
  • Kow-tow For Now: Submit to the Empire as a tributary, always keeping an eye on the waning power of the Emperor, so you can time your escape to freedom
  • Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere: Disgruntled princes or curious adventurers may leave China to seek their own fortune to the west.
  • Booty and the East: Collect wondrous new Chinese artifacts for your characters, and explore a new Silk Road system that adjusts returns based on China’s stability.
  • Rally Points: Instruct your levies to automatically gather up exactly where you want them.
  • Dictionary of Chinese Characters: New Chinese and Tibetan portraits and Chinese units bring the empire to life
  • Eight New Casus Bellis: You can never have enough

Patch features[edit | edit source]

  • The map now features an interactive Tibetan region.
  • Improved map of the Middle East
  • Free Captives CB
  • Silk Road Overhaul
  • New religions:
  • New game rules: Chinese Invasions, Chinese Interactions (range), Border Dispute Wars, Jade Dragon CB's (on/off), Siege Assaults, Siege Events, Multiplayer Assassinations, Multiplayer Invasions, Multiplayer 3rd Party Claims and Childhood Focus Alerts.

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Jade Dragon expansion and patch 2.8.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 A Reason for War New CB's being added 2017-05-08
2 The Roof of the World Expanding the eastern edge of the map with new provinces, cultures, religions and title history for the entire region. 2017-05-15
3 Rhythm is a Lancer Siege Assault game rule, and an "unjustified war" 2017-05-22
4 Time to pay Tribute Changes to the Tributary system 2017-05-29
5 Religious Tweaks Minor, but flavorful, changes and fixes to Manichean, Khurmazta, Nestorian and India's Holy Orders 2017-06-12
6 Nurture vs Nuisance A new "honorary title" called Teacher (for those pesky kids) and plans for an open beta over the summer vacation 2017-06-19
7 Meet the Team Magne "Meneth" Skjæran goes over the current team line-up and expands on their roles 2017-07-03
8 A Bug's Life Magne "Meneth" Skjæran talks about the process of bug fixing, from discovery to release 2017-07-10
9 Modding and a bit of optimization Magne Skjæran highlights some of the modding and optimization improvements to arrive in 2.8 2017-07-17
10 Publishing CK2 Gustav "Gruffa" Groth, CK2's product manager, on publisher's role in development of new game content. 2017-07-24
11 Rally up Incoming rally points in patch 2.8 2017-07-31
12 The Dragon Throne China is added as a political entity in patch 2.8 2017-08-07
13 News from China The various statuses of China and how its policies can affect its more western neighbors 2017-08-14
14 In the Emperor's Good Graces China's diplomatic range and ways to stay within the emperor's grace 2017-08-21
15 The Dragon's Claw China and their various interests on our side of the map 2017-08-28
16 Along the Silk Road Improvement and overhaul of the Silk Road incoming to owners of Jade Dragon / Horse Lords 2017-09-04
17 Quality of Life Quality of Life improvements in free update 2017-09-11
18 Revisiting the Middle East Emil "Servancour" Tisander revisits the Middle East and brings it a much needed overhaul in the 2.8 patch 2017-09-18
19 Taming the Dragon The different paths of forcing your will on China and even placing a pretender on the dragon throne 2017-09-25
20 Another Journey to Tibet Improving the improvement to Tibet even further than it already was 2017-10-02
21 The Art of the East The new art and music in the Jade Dragon expansion 2017-10-09
22 Pricing Jade Dragon Gustav "Gruffa" Groth, CK2's product manager, on the intricacies of pricing. 2017-10-10
23 AI and Optimization Some needed optimization to mechanics and AI to accommodate the new additions made in Jade Dragon 2017-10-16
24 Reflections of a Dynasty Milla "IsakMiller" Isaksson, CK2's content designer, decides to compose a book in Jade Dragon. 2017-10-23
25 Modding patch notes To modders with love: A sneak preview at the complete modding changelog for patch 2.8 2017-10-30
26 Patch Notes & Achievements The full 2.8 changelog and the 10 additional new achievements accompanying it 2017-11-06
27 Post Release The elves are busy working on a post-release patch with some goodies baked in. 2017-11-20
28 Patch 2.8.1 Patch 2.8.1 changelog and a bit of new artwork preview. 2017-12-04
29 Post about a future update Possible ways of notifying the players about additional content. 2018-03-28
30 The Spring Cleaning Patch Changelog for the upcoming patch 2.8.2 2018-05-07

References[edit | edit source]