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Game modification: Lux Invicta
Lux Invicta
Total Conversion

Shaytana and various

Released - 0.6K14 for CK2 3.1

Steam workshop

Lux Invicta is an alternate history and gameplay mod. It's called Invincible Light because the original focus of my modding was centered on allowing me to play the two hostile "Realms of Light" - the Imperium Romanum worshiping Sol Invictus, and the Sassanid Eranshahr worshiping Ahura Mazda. You will also notice that the Light of Classical Antiquity has not been extinguished. Can you banish the Dark Ages? - Shaytana

While Shaytana's words above describe the heart and essence of the mod, allow me to describe the flow and feel of the mod. As compared to the settings of the large overhaul mods which indulge you with alternative settings, Lux Invicta instead takes a long hard look at our history's timeline, eyes the smooth mellow flavour that is vanilla, stares at the forbidden cabinet containing the toughest gaming condiments in the planet, and with the most manly man look, asks that fateful question: "Will it blend?" And blend, we shall make it. The thing is, are YOU strong enough to consume it? -- riknap

Lux Invicta, the brainchild of Shaytana, has turned into a community project after Shaytana went on hiatus. The project is currently managed by the Custodian Council, comprised of: richvh, Numahr, Darkgamma, futuregary, DarkReborn, and Riknap, with Riknap (and previously richvh) given control of the thread (now with its own subforum), and with help from other contributors.

The Alternate Timeline

  • The worship of Sol Invictus became the official religion of the Roman Empire and remained so in the East - where Imperial authority remained strong initially. Christianity did not gain a lasting foothold in most Roman controlled Eastern Mediterranean. The Eastern Empire became very anti-Christian.
  • Christianity did thrive in the West and was adopted by a variety of invading peoples. Arianism is alive and well. Crusading happened earlier than in our reality, with several holy war initiatives aimed at the Eastern Mediterranean area. Several crusader states exist, from island realms to Jerusalem itself.
  • Muslim expansion was not as successful as in real life - the Sassanids managed to stop them and survive. They were stopped in Northern Syria by the Romans, but managed to conquer most of North Africa - a notable exception being the Vandal Kingdom of Carthage. They did manage to establish themselves in Southern Spain but did not manage to thoroughly defeat the Visigoths - they are alive and well.
  • General fragmentation /successor state syndrome - (partly because I dislike starting big, partly because I like to have many interesting playable options available) The Roman Empire (Eastern) is in tatters following rebellions/various crises - and so is pretty much every other former power. You get to try to rebuild the bigger states, plus experience some very interesting (imho) smaller powers such as the Kingdom of Palmyra (a former long term vassal of the ERE) or the Exarchate of Ravenna.
  • Alexander and company were more successful than in our reality. Hellenism was much more stubborn in its grip. The Diadokhoi managed to hold on to some areas and the world was changed forever.

As a general rule I concocted a logical timeline that lent itself towards the survival/appearance of interesting states and general fragmentation, with the potential for grand imperial adventures.

Further Clarification: This is an alternate universe, with an alternate history. There is no "point of digression" per se. There are MANY differences going back into antiquity... such as Indohellenic survival, or a vassal state of Siracusa under the Roman Empire. When I started thinking about this timeline many years ago(and trust me I've given a lot of stuff a lot of thought over a period of years so some things are set in stone sort of -I had plenty of time over my university days where I studied history to come up with alternate history and research a lot of stuff) the alternate history started sometime before the very dawn of what we consider the historical period today.

My timeline has rhyme and reason, and research behind it -BUT- I am willing to make and I've already made some minor changes for pure fun and gameplay reasons (this so-called 1066 scenario is a major compromise to gameplay), BUT those changes have to make sense and I have to be able to come up with a logical history behind how that stuff came to be given the general situation.

To Note: I have caved in and have gone a bit heavier on the Hellenistic side than I should have, but hey it's fun and I've rethought some aspects of the timeline and setup for it.


  • Roleplay your character! Hundreds of new events!
  • Many new traits! Blood Traits with dynastic histories attached!
  • Around 2700 new buildings(number fluctuates depending on updates) including regional troops, legendary military traditions, a bureaucratic system etc.
  • Stats and traits matter! For instance Learning is supremely important to tech research, Martial affects your overall military power in many ways, such as levy numbers, Stewardship greatly affects your income etc.!
  • New modifiers of various sorts!
  • The world is deadly! Death chance from all sources from battle to disease is increased!
  • Revamped casus belli system! Wars cost resources! Holly wars require traits and resources to wage! New Total War and Expansion Casus Belli etc.!
  • Councillor skills and opinion of their masters matter a lot now! A skilled loyal councillor is much preferable to a disloyal incompetent! Make sure you have the right man(or woman) for the job!
  • Revamped setup with MANY new states (from Gothia to Baktria), cultures (from Gallo-Romans to Serindians), dynasties (from Argeadai to the Artorii), religions (from Sol Invictus to Zalmoxianism), and characters added.
  • A new expanded religious system!
  • MANY mercenaries and holy orders added including MANY State Troops.
  • New laws! Military, economic and control policies! Raising crown authority and centralizing your state is difficult! It requires traits and resources!
  • New ambitions, plots and decisions!
  • Many specific/culture related creatable Empires! From the Hellenic Hegemony to Arche Seleukeia!
  • A genetic inheritance system courtesy of wiz -for the Kwisatz Haderach breeders.
  • A new cultural administration system differentiated by culture for kings and emperors.
  • Anti blobbing measures with various bad things happening to Kings and Emperors with bad stats or large demesne.
  • Non-Basques can use Absolute Cognatic.(as requested)
  • New graphics. Improved character looks, including individualized DNA given to all independent historical characters.
  • Hundreds of new dynasties - the new dynasties of historical characters all have their own CoAs.
  • A gigantic amount of localisation.
  • Countless tweaks under the hood changing pretty much everything.

Gameplay Overhaul

Gameplay in Lux Invicta is quite different from CK2 vanilla and will become ever more so in the future. Pretty much everything is changed or being changed under the hood of the game. Every update brings about new tweaks and changes. Because of the countless ongoing changes being made I will not be posting a detailed list until I reach 1.0 because otherwise I would spend more time writing changelogs than developing the mod. What you need to know is everything is being changed, yet if you pick up the mod you can still adapt very fast and have fun playing it!


Due to circumstance and partial necessity, most balancing and gameplay mechanic updates have been taken over by an associate module: [1] Lux Invicta Buildings & Events, Retinues & Tactics, Traits & Technology Module A simplified list of LIBERT3-tweaked modifiers, title requirements, CB rebalances, and such can be found in the [2]Calibration Coordinates post.

Because the LIBERT3 has ended up taking over the balancing part of the mod, most if not all relevant gameplay changes will be documented in the LIBERT3 portal post.


Religion Overhaul

My implementation of many religions needed further development and explanation... As such I present to you Numahr's epic work helping with this particular area: [3]Spirituality Enhanced for Lux Invicta by Numahr (Read that post. Seriously. You will see why)


Buildings Overhaul

The new buildings system is slowly being implemented and tweaked. The basic concept behind it is that each holding represents a region that happens to have an initial military/economic/or religious center. Each region is going to be able to build "regional" buildings while retaining a degree of specialization.

In order to build things you need to first increase your "control" over the region, then build up your administration. All of the many building lines, are tied together in logical fashion and allow for continuous development of your provinces. Overall counting all implemented buildings for the 3 holding types there were at one point over 2700 buildings implemented -that number might be different /cut or expanded in the current build.

The new building system promotes differentiated cultural armies in various ways, from specific traditions and regional troops to a new liege and province system to a levy->professional->cultural elite corps military tied to liege culture. A select few legendary military traditions exist in some provinces, representing the very pinnacle of elite troops. Various religions also have their own versions of warrior cults.

Building up a professional military is a costly enterprise so you'd better make sure you have the economy to back it up.

-- Shaytana

The buildings system has been further worked and refined since LIBERT3 was integrated in stages.

Currently, buildings have been polished for both rebalance as well as deeper integration with technology and ruler/realm attributes/stats. For example, more advanced buildings require not only the prerequisite buildings but also advances in the relevant technology. This is to simulate advances in development that would allow "buildings" to be conceived and developed. Others require not only these, but also a minimum level of a certain attribute to unlock (for the most part these are realm-attributes, so a subpar ruler could compensate with a skilled council) to simulate the plausibility of developing the relevant "buildings" in the first place.

In any case, there's a list of notes that I made for quick reference: [4]LIBERT3 Building Flowchart. This list is mostly updated, but Sir Kulinski and I am intermittently working on flowcharts that could serve as an easier reference..


Events Overhaul

I believe that roleplaying your ruler is a very important aspect of fun gameplay. As such I will continue to add events to the game that allow you to roleplay your character. I have made (at the time of writing this) over 220 events that further this goal. They range from the infamous lunacy / possessed events (thank you Dune for inspiration) to historical flavor events, to various events that allow you to gain the new traits, to assassination events that can see your ruler killed off! Fortune favors the brave, and there is no greatness without risk!


Aside from Shaytana's original files, Lux Invicta also reinstates the vanilla files as well as incorporating and integrating applicable events from other mods, such as VIET, F&F, and a lot more. As such, you can keep track of most of the incorporated mods by checking the release changelogs directly.


Casus Bellis Overhaul

Casus Bellis have received a significant overhaul to streamline the effect of authority as well as allow more fluid and dynamic gaming while still adhering to original design principles. For simplicity, the comprehensive index of CB's can be found in the [5]Lux Invicta Calibration Coordinates.


Creatable Titles

Aside from de jure titles, there are a lot of creatable titular titles that are not only cheaper to create, but relatively significant lore-wise as well. For simplicity, the comprehensive list of Creatable Titles can be found in the [6]Calibration Coordinates.


Bloodline Biographies and History

I am implementing specific Bloodline Traits that provide a short biography and history of a dynasty and are meant to give you an overall feel of that particular dynasty/state. If you see a trait icon with a man on a golden/orange background hover your mouse over it to read the history in the trait tooltip. You can see an example here:



Following some design principles, the AI effects of Bloodline Traits have been rebalanced in conjunction with the originally assigned bonuses (which themselves depend on the lore behind each dynasty bloodline), as well as being given general minor bonuses as well. With this, all important dynasties in the game (all of which are found in the Interesting Characters list underneath the Bookmarks) will play a greater role in Lux Invicta.


Notes Regarding Republics

All playable republics start out as vassals. However, if you wish to play an independent state, it isn't hard to mod your desired republic to be independent. Making say Venice independent would be easy: edit history/titles/d_venice.txt and delete the liege line. If you want to eliminate the king and give the county to the doge, edit k_venice and change the holder line to holder = 0, and edit c_venezia.txt and give it the same holder as appeared in d_venice.txt.


Following some redesign and discussion, it has been agreed upon to make the state of republics dependent on their history, geography, and appropriety. For example, the merchant archipelago of Venice is a vassal of the Aurelian Realm of Venice situated in the Italian mainland, while Carthago Nova, a survivor and offshoot of the former maritime empire of Carthage (which itself still survives in its distant homeland), is an independent republic itself, not to mention the new slaver republics...


Integrated Mods

(Originally Integrated Mods)

  • forum:602941 BLC [now a separate optional sub-mod]
  • forum:592170Culturally Different Cities by Velho e Bom Joe.
  • forum:589928CK2 Heraldry by pothkan
  • forum:590034Patrum Scuta by Keanon (via CK2 heraldry)
  • forum:590197Syren's Nickname Mod by Syren
  • forum:589312Better rebels by avee
  • forum:589095Ogamod -A Revamp Traits mod by Ran Miller (partial implementation)
  • forum:590982Culture Spread Via Ports by Meneth (partial implementation)
  • forum:590476Culture Specific Titles mod by Amauri (partial implementation to complement my titles)
  • [8]Additional Objectives mod - 15 new objectives. by JGCrusader
  • forum:592353The Mercenary Mod by Solo? (adapted/partial implementation)
  • forum:618573Norse Mod (various mechanics) by Aspie
  • forum:605746Friends & Foes = 100+ Traits Mod by ash001

subparts of the Friends and Foes mod included via the above mod:[list]

(Post-Shaytana Integrated Mods)

SELIN - Spirituality Enhanced for Lux Invicta

SELIN was developed by Numahr and is now incorporated in Lux Invicta.


  • SELIN aims to bring strategic depth and reinforced immersion to Lux Invicta's religions.


Lux Invicta includes no less than 152 religions. This mad religious set up has something epic in that it mixes well documented historical developments with crazy creativity in an unique blend.

Clearly the presence of so many spiritual constructs shows a world deeply infused by religion. However, with the present system, it makes no big difference to belong to one or another of these diverse religions. This was my immediate frustration when I played the mod, as I wanted to "feel" the game differently depending on the faith of my character and of my empire.

So I started thinking, asked Shaytana permission, and set up to work. -Quote from the Official Lux Invicta forum page.

New spiritual challenges!

In the Levant:

  • As Prince of Sabaa, give back to the Old Gods Almaqah and Ash-Shams their due; the Empire of Arabia!
  • You worship the Kaaba in Mecca... as it is the siege of your God's presence on Earth, Hubal. Drive the heretical Mahometans far away from your holy place!
  • True Islam has been distorted by the foul practices of the Sunni Caliph... Preserve Mahomet's authentic message, battle the Caliph over it and restore Islam to its original purity, as the leader of the Zahiri, Haruriyyah or Ash'ari sect! (all coming with different modifiers justified by the specificities of each madhhab).
  • Lead the Hashashins in battle and in covert actions! Your heretical messianic Qarmatian sect, infused with strong Persian influences, gives you the best assassins of the Levant, impregnable forts, a good recruitment system and fanatical soldiers who will happily die for you on your order. Your faith also gives you a taste for learning and a remarkable piety. Your neighbors fear and hate you... What are you waiting to strike first?!
  • As a Yahianist Leader, will you be able to unite all these quarreling religions through your messianic message? Your gnostic heretical messianic religion provides you with a steady supply of fanatical martyrs-to-be and an unrivalled piety...
  • As ruler of the rationalist 'Ilm Islam, will you survive more militarist neighbors to become a beacon of enlightenment to the world, bringing forth a real "Renaissance" of the classical values when the prophet was discussing about the Love of Reason in passionate debates?
  • As King of the last bastion of the Luwian religion, will you be able to keep alive and make prosper again the 2 millennia-old Hittite faith? Most call your religion archaic, but you only know what the true meaning of civilization is...

In the Orient:

  • As a follower of Mazdak, will you be able to conduct your populist revolution and force true equality on this world? Petty or Grand rulers tend to hate you because of your revolutionary message, your provinces are self-ruled and you'd rather share the commoners' poverty, but your people is ready to die en masse for their precious liberty...
  • As the leader of one of the Hindo-Hellen faiths, prove to the others that your own religious synthesis, created by your forefathers, is the superior one! All of them are close to each other, well suited for patient empire-building and cultural development, with slight differences in style depending on their Ascendants...
  • As a Parthian worshiper of Angra Mainyu/Ahriman, you swore to release the Destructive Spirit on the lands of the meek worshipers of Ahura Mazda. Burn all the Zorostrian clergy and the wicked heirs of the doomed Sassan clan in one holy Fire of Vengeance and Salvation!
  • As a follower of the true Zoroastrian religion... your faith is your ally in re-building the empire. The clergy can provide you the necessary legitimacy to your ambitions. Will Cyrus the Great and Shapur II the Great recognize you as the restorer of the Persian Empire?


The basic mechanic I use is modifiers. There may be more coming in a distant future. But for now SELIN is a system where each religion is characterized with modifiers impacting those who follow it: characters and provinces.

There are 152 religions, each with a peculiar historical background, spiritual doctrine and intermixed influences. As "researching" in-depth all 152 religions to come up with tailored modifiers would have been just too much, I decided to go with a systemic approach. This is how the Matrix of Religions came to be.

The Matrix of Religions

This is a way to design unique modifiers for each and any religion present in Lux Invicta in a manageable and understandable manner. Basically each religion is defined by three mandatory characteristics + an optional one:

  • It belongs to a Civilization.
  • Its doctrine has a Status.
  • It has a Soul.
  • Optionally, it may have an Ascendant, which is basically another Civilization with only 50% influence.

Typology of Religions

Each characteristic is given modifiers. These may change and get tweaked over time. Anyway, below are the basics of my typology of religions.


  • Christian: Focus on strong rural fortified holdings and special privileges to the clergy. Castles provide more income, churches less. Above average fortifications. +1 diplo / -1 fertility
  • Islamic: Efficient tax systems, great cities but dynastic distrust. City-focused government styles. Distrust within the same dynasty. Tax bonus. +1 martial / -1 diplo
  • Persian: Strong dynastic feeling and good statesmen and administrators, capable of mustering large armies through a forced conscription system. Good quantitative administration style results in more levy and better taxes but less land morale. Strong dynastic culture. +1 stewardship / -1 martial.
  • Jewish: Sectarian tendencies and a strong focus on commercial matters. Strong inter-community solidarity but despised by other religions. +2 STE / -1 DIPL / -1 MAR. Economic research bonus
  • Greek-Roman: Strong interest in civic matters and well organized military. Well drilled armies, heirs of centuries of martial traditions, with excellent system to bring reinforcements. Rely more on contributions of the citizens of great cities for the economy and war. Research bonus on culture. Heirs of a glorious classical civilization recognized by every one: monthly prestige bonus.
  • Gnostic: sectarian tendencies, devoted warriors and an emphasis on temples. A bit "sectarian": bonus influence on same religion vs malus on infidels, small morale bonus, slightly less tax and levy except in temples but monthly piety bonus and faster reinforcements rates. +1 LEA / -1 DIP
  • Buddhist: pacifist stance except for monasteries' warrior monks, and a strong interest for art and culture. Pacifist civilization, with a tradition of warrior monks (strong bonus of temple levy). Strong cultural research bonus for each Buddhist province. -2 MAR/ +1 LEA / +1 STE
  • Steppe / Tengri: strong emphasis on military prowess, reliance on rural areas and low division of labor. Genghis Khan. Less tax income but more levies from rural areas. Rulers rely more on castles (steppe) and less on cities (sedentarians). Fort level reduced. Strong bonus in military tech but malus in economic and cultural. Revolt risk. +3 MAR / -1 in STE, LEA and DIP.
  • Norse: strong emphasis on martial prowess and a focus on small holdings. Vikings. A bit like Tengri but less extreme.
  • Celtic: key role of the clergy in administrating daily life, a focus on small holdings and individual martial prowess. Feudal links weaker. Slight income malus. Morale bonus. Relies more on castles than on cities. -1 INT / +1 MAR
  • Indian: weak feudal links, influential temples and a mysterious sensuality. Weak feudal links. Larger armies with less morale. Strong bonus for temples. -2 DIP / +2 INT. Kama Sutra sensuality: sex appeal and fertility bonus
  • Archaic: spiritual heir of the first religions born in the cradle of empires, Mesopotamia. Old religions still alive in the fertile crescent and Mesopotamia. Opinion malus, tech malus except in culture, poor mobilization of castles, lower fertility. But good tax systems, strong fortifications, only civilization with build rate bonus and believers are good administrators.
  • Barbarian: emphasis on rural areas, individual martial prowess and low division of labor. Like Celtic but a bit more extreme, no such importance of druids, research malus in culture and economy but bonus on military.

Doctrinal status:

  • Mainstream doctrine: Its doctrine is mainstream: it is recognized as one of the main doctrinal systems in its most legitimate form. Characters of mainstream religions gain prestige and are generally well considered. Temples enjoy tax privileges (tax malus for rulers).
  • Local Variation: Local Variation of a mainstream religious current, favoring social harmony over doctrinal purity. Church does not like it but vassals do. More pragmatical (stewardship) but cynical characters.
  • Heretical doctrine: Its doctrine is Heretical, openly challenging the supremacy of a mainstream doctrine, either through the pen or the sword. Politics and economics are more challenging but the believers have overall personal bonii. These religions rely more on communities around temples and castles where heresies tend to flourish, and less so on cityfolk. They improve defenses and fortifications. Levy growth bonus. Better military research.

Soul, the most influential characteristic:

  • Statist: the faith is strongly infused with legitimation rethorics supporting political power, as the religion is instrumentalized by the Prince to strengthen its hold on society.Religion instrumentalized by the ruler. Reduces RR but decreased opinion of vassals and church. Increased tax, especially of church. Armies better organized and reinforced quicker. Culture tech bonus but malus on economy. Prestige bonus. +1 STE / +1 DIP / -2 LEA
  • Martial: heroic deeds on the battlefield are glorified as the finest sign of holiness. Straightforward bonus on military balanced by malus in other areas
  • Populist: strives to achieve equality in this world, supporting the commoners against the privileged classes and doctrinal formalism. Strong political malus, average economic malus but large number of fanatical, if unorganized levies.
  • Scholarly: encourages critical study or creative interpretation of holy scriptures, natural and social phenoma to reach the Truth. Key doctrinal questions are open to contradictory debates among the clergy and believers. Significant martial malus and limited political malus for strong research bonus and limited administrative bonus.
  • Messianic: believers see the state of the world as hopelessly flawed, but their divine-inspired deeds shall bring forth salvation in our time, against all odds! Excellent morale and fast reinforce rate, strong piety bonus, focus on temples at the detriment of cities, focus on military techs at the detriment of others, strong fort bonus, tax malus
  • Traditional: the faith follows the ancient traditions of the commoners and local notables, and it has slowly evolved, if at all, throughout the recent era of troubles and turmoils. Vassals are happy and soldiers have a good morale, but low tax and research. Larger levies, but it takes time to replace losses.
  • Clerical: the religion revolves around the many rules and rites set up by the clergy, which enjoys a privileged status in society and a large degree of autonomy from the Prince. Mild modifiers. Slight income malus, especially on temples, but less revolt risk, good church relation and piety bonus.

Definition of Religions

This is the fun part! I defined the above-described characteristics for each and every religion. A few examples:

  • Yahyanism: Gnostic heretical messianic religion
  • Zoroastrianism: Persian mainstream clerical religion
  • Hindo-Hellenic Buddhist: Greaco-Roman local statist religion with Buddhist ascendant

The Matrix then computes automatically the modifiers for each religion, based on the Typology.

Legacy of Rome Orthodox mechanics imported and adapted

SELIN integrates the mechanics for the Orthodox religion introduced by the Legacy of Rome to the world of Lux Invicta, taking into account the specific background of the alternate history. The following religions benefit from mechanics developed for Orthodox religions in the Legacy or Rome DLC:

  • 12 Christian religions: Adoptionist, Apollinarist, Arian, Audianist, Docetist, Melkite, Monophysite, Monothelitist, Orthodox, Pelagian, Sabellianist and Semipelagian;
  • The 5 Neo-Platonic: Neoplatonic, Porphyryan, Platonic Pythagorean, Platonic Islam and Platonic Christian;
  • The 5 Classical Graeco-Roman : Graeco-Roman, Jupiter Optimus Maximus, Alexandros-Ammon, Cybele, Imperial Cult;
  • The 3 Mithraic religions: Mithraic, Mithraic-Christian, Eosphorist.
  • The 9 Solar religions benefit from it: Apollo-Heliosean, Apollo-Boreasean, Solar-Christian, Al-Shams Islamic, Solar-Manichean, Odinn-Solar, Horsic and Ts'ahay Mahremite. These religions, which are often syncretic ones mixed with "barbarian" cults, are now differentiated from more traditional neighboring religions, due to their strong affiliation to the "Imperial" Solar religion.

These religions can nominate an Autocephale Patriarch if rulers following them has a King tier title, and compete for complementary "Pentarchies", the four holiest sites of Lux Invicta's Greek-Roman world, together with the seat of their own respective patriarchates.

As per design decision of Shaytana, out of these religions, only a few (e.g. Arianism, Monophysitism and Neoplatonism) have a permanent, universal Head. All others will need to either create an Autocephale Patriarch by reaching the King tier, or by taking control of one of the four seats of complementary "pentarchies" to create a local Pentarch.

  • The four "complementary" pentarchies shared between these religions are Rome, Jerusalem, Carthage and Alexandria.

Polygamous Slavic religions

All Slavic religions except for the Solar-influenced Svarogan are polygamous (3 wives): Dazhbogite, Perunic, Rodic, Rodnoveric, Svetovid and Velesic. The major boost provided by having potentially 3 times more children is balanced out by a strong limitation in succession laws:

  • At game start, these religions are limited to Gavelkind.
  • With one degree of centralization, they can switch to Open Agnatic ("Turkish").
  • With two degrees of centralization, all other succession laws become available.

Therefore, these religions now offer a very specific challenge and game-play experience.

Current Status

  • Religious modifiers coded for 156/156 religions (100%).
  • Pentarchy and autocephalous system adapted.
  • Specific polygamy system for some Slavic religions implemented.
  • Broken features create imbalance: Tribal and Populist religions (Islamic to some extent as well) have an advantage and malii on vassal/liege and dynastic relations do not work as intended.
  • Tailored descriptions of religions based on Lux Invicta's timeline partially implemented.

Partial/Temporary Credits/Thanks To (for various reasons)

Numahr, Meneth, Keanon, wiz, Cesar de Quart, ash001, JGCrusader, Aspie, Arcaul, Arko, Sleight of Hand, HKK, CrackdToothGrin, idib816, Peuri, Trovador, thrashingmad, Velho e Bom Joe, pothkan, duinnin, Ofaloaf, Thure, Bloodmerchant, Bad Haggis, zeress, keytool, Solo_Adhemar, mike the knight, Syren, avee, Ran Miller, Rendon, The Chancellor, Korbah, Solo?, Orinsul, Keperry, TheConqueror, Woody Man, Tsar Monarchist, richvh, LordStark, ColonelWright, ShadowGamer42, waylit1, Aernil, jedrek, jmberry, Teutonic_Thrash, Sernista, neondt, cybrxkhan, EOOQE, kmkenpo, Darkgamma, galle, jordarkelf, Novacat, riknap, futuregary, DarkReborn, SirKulinski Arumba07, aethel27, AnaxXiphos, Danevang, ts4, Bismarck1899, Kleiner, ziji, Hawkeye1489