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A mod (short for modification) is an alteration of the game. There's a large variety of mods, everything from small tweaks to total conversions.

Mods can be downloaded and installed manually from User Modifications sub-forum (game registration needed), or automatically from Steam Workshop.

This page is intended as a list of biggest Crusader Kings II mods and tools, and what version they work with.

Alternate lists of mods are available on:

Major overhaul

Mod Link Author
A Game of Thrones Sub-forum Cabezaestufa & team
After the End Thread Ofaloaf & team
CK2Plus Sub-forum CK2Plus Team
Crisis of the Confederation Thread Galle & team
Diadochi Kings Thread rickinator9, Teutonic_Thrash, .Hobbes, Kingthero
Elder Kings Sub-forum Elder Kings Team
Historical Immersion Project Sub-forum HIP team
Lux Invicta Sub-forum Shaytana
Middle Earth Project Thread Redit, Lonhaldar and the MEP Team
Magnate Lords Thread apg
Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica Thread NMIH team
Princes of Darkness Thread flintsparc
The Prince and the Thane Thread idib816
The Winter King Thread TWK Team
Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht Sub-forum illathid & team
When The World Stopped Making Sense Sub-forum Enlil & Team

Region specific

Mod Link Author
The Ban's Charter Thread SBolshevik
Fixed Danube Thread SBolshevik
Lollard temples are secular Thread TheDarkMaster
The Low German mod Thread Polskers
Manichaean Pechenegs Thread iron0037
Norse Mod Thread Aspie
Jews Every Where Thread cybrxkhan
Judaism - The Diaspora, the Exilarchs and the Khazars Thread Frostschaden
The Serene Republic Thread SBolshevik
Ancient Religions Thread superskierpat
Cantrefi: Wales Divided Thread Ijtzoi
Saxonborn Thread KingKovu


Mod Link Author
Deus Meus et Omnia - College of Cardinals mod Thread Carbon
De Jure Tweaks Thread iron0037
Better mechanics for non-Agnatic realms Thread TheDarkMaster
Memento Mori Thread Trashed
Weapons Mod Thread hooni
ClearCombat Thread Arumba

Alternative Scenario/Fantasy

Mod Link Author
Witcher Kings Thread JonStryker, talias and Yurtex
Sengoku - There's too many warring states in Japan! Thread Kindjal
Dynamic Duchies Thread Nivve
Crusader Kings Z Thread Korbah and SaintDaveUK
Sonendar Thread atdoan
Zulu Invasion Thread neondt
Fantasy Amazon Time-Travellers Thread neondt
Broken Kingdoms Thread Measter
Targaryen Invasion...of Europe Thread knuckey
Gaulish Invasion: Ancient Warriors Thread JJDXB
Mythos Anonymous
Terra Normannorum Thread Nuril
The League Thread Azkanan


Mod Link Author
Military Info mini-mod Steam Supplysidejesus
Portrait Realignment Pack Thread iron0037
ARKOpack Armoiries & Interface Thread Arko
Scottish Clan Tartans Thread iron0037
Female Religious Clothing mini-mod Thread Mike Louis
Keyboard Shortcuts and Interface Adjust Thread Arumba
Sniggles's Bookmarks Thread Sniggles
Blindfold instead of stitched out eyes Thread jordarkelf
Mini-Map colour change Thread kmkenpo
Korbah's Minimaps Thread Korbah
Retouched Mongolian Eyes (Females) Thread ahhheygao
Performance mods Thread themendios
Decorus Visum Thread ancestral
Missing CoAs Thread AUTOMATIC
Cultures and Portraits Revamp Thread cybrxkhan
Culturally different province icons Thread Vipe1
Crackdtoothgrin's Graphical Goodies Thread Crackdtoothgrin
Recycled Units Pack Thread Thiomay
Painterly CK2 Thread Fishman786
High-res Mountains Thread Fishman786
Modified Mediterranean GFX Thread Velorian
CKII UI Font Mod Thread Morinn
Campaign Map - Culturally different cities Thread Velho e Bom Joe
Scarred Thread euroland
Better Looking Garbs Thread Pnutmaster


Mod Link Author
SWMH Thread Axl Madness, Bertuccio, Elvain, Il Moro, Aasmul
Umbra Spherae Thread Camara, chatnoir17, ericyuen, Nukumnehtar & team
Europa Divisia Thread pixies57, Elryck
North Africa Expansion Thread Korba


Mod Link Author
Age Customizer Thread Skefrep
Blinding your siblings! Thread jordarkelf
Hand out all free minor titles by decision Thread jordarkelf
In Novo Iure: Dynamic de jure structure and improved cultural toponymy Thread Ciccillo Rre
Titular Title Generator Thread measter
Make minor titles like Lord of the Hunt have gameplay use Thread jordarkelf
Succession Law Factions for Ultimogeniture and Tanistry Thread jordarkelf
The Bold and the Beauclercs - Almost 100 new nicknames for you to acquire Thread CaptRobau
No Hassles Vassals Thread twiggyt13
Titles - a minor titles modification Thread SiberianExpress
Death Row - Dealing with Prisoners, Executions, and More! Thread JoeTheExplorer
No Requirements (A Title Mod) Thread KingKovu
Pledge mod Thread hooni


Mod Link Author
Heretics convert to another religion Thread jordarkelf
New Duel Engine Thread Galle/jordarkelf
No more random heresies Thread jordarkelf
Old Age Thread cybrxkhan
jure uxoris, AI divorce and AI betrothals Thread Damocles
Interfaith Marriage Thread Chevaresqye


Mod Link Author
Female German Nicknames Thread mate0815
Dutch translation Thread Ithvan
No naval sounds during combat Thread jordarkelf
High Kings, Consuls and other crazy things Thread superskierpat
Immersive Music Mod Thread KingPenguin
"Melancholicum" - a contemplative little "lute" piece Thread The_Chancellor
Paradox soundtrack songlists Thread The_Chancellor
Valar Morghulis Thread tompalmer
Vyllis sounds Thread Vyllis
German/Deutsch translation Thread Ashtray
OldBuildingNames micro mod (pre1.10patch) Thread Aardvark Bellay
Subtle Sounds Thread JohnathanCrow


Mod Link Author
Linux game Launcher Thread drFlK
CK2 To EU3 Converter Thread Idhrendur
CK2 to EU3 - C# / Lua Thread raziot
CK2-Cultures-Parser Thread Leviathan07
Coat of Arms Builder Thread Measter
CK2Chooser - Random Date/Character Utility Thread MTXperience
CK2 language file for notepadd ++ Thread Antoine
Gloria Mundi - CKII's missing dynastic scoresheet Thread Kinniken
Portrait Builder Thread Measter
Scenario Editor Thread JonStryker
Text Fixer- alphabetize your localisation file Link
The Validator Thread Jamie550
Compact Launcher Thread JohnathanCrow
Matchmaker - a tool to help you find that perfect noble Thread badger_ken
EU4:JoroDox mod making tool Thread Joror

Modding guides

Mod Author
A complete guide to Custom Portraits Vent-Gala
Adding Own Music Mini-Tutorial (no modding skills required) Christars
A Guide to Coat of Arms Measter
Creating a Kingdom Title Korbah
Custom Map Fonts ancestral
Events Guide Fawr
How to fill a custom map JonStryker

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