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High and low priority message feeds, and message rules outliner

CK2 being a complex sandbox game, the amount of notifications received by the player is vital: too few and opportunities will be missed, too many and game will become a headache.

There are two types of notifications: messages and alerts.



Messages are notifications that depend on a configurable priority based on the message source and category.


  •   Close relatives
  •   Characters of interest: they are marked via the   important character toggle after right-click. They are limited to maximum 20 characters (list is visible in the outliner)
  •   Other characters: any character not in the previous cases.


Priority Description
  Priority 1 Message appears as a popup, similar to events.
  Priority 2 (High priority) Message appears in the high priority message feed. Newer message will appear on top of existing ones, and will disappear after a few months.
  Priority 3 (Low priority) Message appears in the low priority message feed. Newer message will appear on top of existing ones, and will disappear after a few months.
  Priority 4 Message appears in the log feed. It can be accessed by clicking the (+) button on the bottom of the screen.
  Priority 5 Message does not appear


The message settings popup

For each category of messages and the source of the message, a priority can be set.

Default settings are in \common\Crusader Kings II\interface\messagetypes.txt

Custom settings are saved under \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\interface\messagetypes_custom.txt

After a major patch, custom settings will be reset to the new defaults, so for heavily customised settings, it might be worth keeping a backup and manually merging with the new settings.


Alerts are the circular icons at the top of the screen.

It is not possible to add new alerts via modding.

By right-clicking an alert, you can:

  Dismiss it temporarily

  Disable it forever

Restoring alerts

Disabled alerts in the outliner

In order to restore disabled or dismissed alerts:

  1. Open the outliner category configuration  
  2. Check the box Disabled alerts
  3. In the outliner, click on the alerts that need to be restored

List of alerts

Alert Details
  Budget Deficit Economy
  Ruler is unmarried Marriage#Potential spouses
  Unmarried Heir Marriage#Potential spouses
  Betrothed can marry Marriage#Betrothal
  Successor Nomination Succession, Feudal elective
  Title Loss on Succession Gavelkind#Strategies
  If your ruler dies now the game will end! Game over, Breeding
  Pick an Ambition Ambitions
  Open Council Position(s) Council
  Children Lack a Guardian Education#Strategies
  Unlanded Son(s)
  Can Press De Jure Claim(s) Claims
  Can Press Weak Claim(s) Claims
  Vassal Levies Raised Too Long Warfare#Strategies
  Title(s) can be Created
  Title(s) can be Usurped
  You Should Invest in a Technological Advance Technology#Strategy
  Righteous Imprisonment Imprisonment
  Dangerous Faction(s) Factions and Distribution of power guide
  We can call in Allies Alliances, Warfare#Strategies
  We can call in vassals of our former liege
  New Important Decisions are Available Decisions
  Demesne Too Big Demesne limit and Distribution of power guide
  Wrong type of Holding in Demesne Holdings#Strategies
  Truces are Expiring Warfare#Truces
  Vassal Inheritance Warning Inheritance#Inheritance Conflict
  Adventurer Threats Adventurers
  Religion can be Reformed Reformation
  Preparing to Invade Casus Belli#Prepared Invasion
  High Decadence Decadence#Managing Decadence
  Over Vassal Limit Vassal limit
  Pick a Focus Focus
  Special Character Actions Possible Diplomatic actions
  Special Title Actions Possible
  Special Holding Actions Possible
  Special Minor Titles Grantable Honorary titles
  Clans Want More Land Nomadism#Clans
  Over Clan Limit Nomadism#Clans
  Inefficient Land Management Nomadism
  Children lack a Childhood Focus Education (Conclave)
  Children lack an Edcuation Focus Education (Conclave)
  Characters owe you Favors Favors
  Council is Discontent Council
  Your Liege's Council is Discontent Council
  You are enforcing Realm Peace Realm peace
  Realm Peace Enforce Realm peace
  Liege enforcing Realm Peace Realm peace
  Liege has Enforced Realm Peace Realm peace