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|Type=Major Overhaul
|Type=Major Overhaul
|Author=NMIH Team  
|Author=NMIH Team  
|Status=Beta 0.8.8 for CKII 3.0.1
|Status=Beta 0.9.0 for CKII 3.3
|Workshop=[http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333442855 Link]
|Workshop=[http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333442855 Link]
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| v1.03 - 10/21/2011
| v1.03 - 10/21/2011
| 6/28/2018
| 6/28/2018
| v0.7.7 - 8/18/2018
| v0.9.0 - 10/22/2019
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* awak(1180) [https://twitter.com/awak1180 twitter]
* awak(1180) [https://twitter.com/awak1180 twitter]
* aycone
* aycone
* chatnoir17 [https://twitter.com/CK2NMIH twitter] : ''The current lead maintainer''
* chatnoir17 [https://twitter.com/NMIHCK2 twitter] : ''The current lead maintainer''
* hamane [https://twitter.com/augsburg14 twitter]
* hamane [https://twitter.com/augsburg14 twitter]
* kaipain
* kaipain

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Game modification: Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica
Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica
Major Overhaul


Beta 0.9.0 for CKII 3.3

Steam workshop

NMIH mod Title iamge

Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica Mod (a.k.a. NMIH Mod) is a Crusader Kings 2 Mod about Japanese medieval era, called Sengoku Jidai.


This mod will contain following features.

  • Two Genpei scenarios (1180) and the Sengoku era where you can start the game on any date between 1493 and 1582.
  • Map based on the historical provinces. Similar to the Sengoku map, but more historically accurate for the 16th century.
  • historical settlements such as castles, cities and manors. The starting and max. number of baronies in each province is based on surveys in the 16th and 19th centuries.
  • Historical buddhist revolters such as Ikko Shu and Hokke Shu.
  • Interaction with the Imperial Court and the Shogunate.
  • Events with Westerners.
  • Japanese localization of vanilla features.
  • Portraits of historical pictures.
  • Original 3D unit models.


  • Crusader Kings II Crusader Kings II
  • Rajas of India.png Rajas of India DLC (Few Christian daimyos in late scenarios e.g. Otomo Sorin) are playable without Raja of India DLC)


Steam Workshop install

  1. access NMIH Mod Steam Workshop page [Link].
  2. Click Subscribe.

Manual install

  1. access Paradox Interactive Forums NMIH mod Thread [Link].
  2. Click mediafire.com link under subentry “Alterantive Manual Download”.
  3. Download zip file from MediaFire.


You can join the official Discord server from here [Link].

NMIH Mod VS. Other Games

Paradox/Sengoku KOEI TECMO/Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi NMIH Mod
Scenario 2 max 15? est. 32048 days
Provinces 360 415
Characters 1028 over 2000? 19173
Style Single-player, Multi-player Single-player Single-player, Multi-player
Platform PC PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS PC, Mac
Release 9/16/2011 11/30/2017 10/29/2014
Language English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese[1] Japanese, Traditional Chinese, English English
Last Update v1.03 - 10/21/2011 6/28/2018 v0.9.0 - 10/22/2019


NMIH Team Members

  • awak(1180) twitter
  • aycone
  • chatnoir17 twitter : The current lead maintainer
  • hamane twitter
  • kaipain
  • Khorney
  • kk0192
  • kzmax
  • Lunawolf242
  • Remitonov
  • seishinouya
  • Yamana Tokiuji twitter
  • ys_sthlm twitter
  • Zabara twitter : Character Portrait


Special Thanks


  1. CyberFront Corporation edition

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