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Patch 1.10.X

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Patch 1.10.X are all patches beginning with 1.10. There were 3 patches.


Patch 1.10

Main article: Patch 1.10

Patch 1.101

Patch 1.101 was released on 2013-06-12.


  • Added a "Retract Vassal" interaction
  • Disallowed destruction of non-titular titles under Gavelkind


  • Added lots of portrait fixes from the "CK2 Portrait Fixes" mod by zebez
  • Adjusted the random CoA colors and color choices
  • Scripted a lot of CoAs for various dynasties
  • The CoAs of titles named after a dynasty now match the dynasty CoA
  • Bishops no longer wear pope hats, but the pope does
  • Livonia now has the correct pagan flag
  • Buildings requiring a coastal province now show up in the tech tooltip even if the capital is not coastal
  • Fixed some tooltips in the settlement view not showing building levels with the name
  • Nicknames are now shown for heads of religion
  • The 'Grant Independence' action is no longer even shown if the recipient is not your vassal
  • The 'Prepare Invasion' action is now shown but grayed out if you are at war with the recipient
  • Added missing Bektashi religion description
  • Endgame screen now shows correct score for characters
  • Added missing name of the Reformed Aztec Church title
  • Tweaked the religion colors to make them more distinct
  • Corrected some event text typos


  • Norse Pagans can no longer employ the coastal conquest CB against other pagans (neighboring counties can still be taken though)
  • The Subjugation CB can now only be used once per lifetime instead of every 10 years. (Unless you have the 'Become King' ambition.)
  • Characters with the "Become King" ambition and access to the subjugation CB can no longer move their capital out of the de jure kingdom
  • Subjugated rulers of another religion now get a smaller opinion bonus vs the winner, lasting for a shorter time
  • Fixed a bug with many vassalizing casus bellis where the target's own counties would be seized when they should not be
  • Tengri Pagans are now limited to Agnatic succession
  • The Jomsvikings now reform if the Norse reformation takes place
  • Fixed an issue where the primary heir under Gavelkind would not inherit the capital county
  • West African pagans can now also raid
  • Lowered the spawn rate of TOG rebels by 20%
  • Added the "Ghanan Band" mercenary company
  • Slavic, Baltic and Finnish Pagans now get a bonus to their levy sizes, at the cost of their garrison bonus
  • Fixed a problem with the decadence invasion event
  • Fixed a bug with decadence revolts ending strangely on the attacking ruler's death
  • Court Chaplain job events no longer restricted to men for pagans
  • Made the Chancellor job to improve relations more effective
  • Mercenary ships will no longer spawn in major rivers
  • The Viking trait can now only be gained by adults
  • Heirs returning from the Varangian Guard to take the throne of their dead father can no longer get the same event twice
  • Piast the Wheelwright and his son are now of the Piast dynasty
  • Pagan festivals can now only be held in summer as intended
  • City Shipyards now produce slightly more galleys than their Castle and Temple counterparts
  • Fixed a bug where banishing landed vassals would not take all their titles
  • Under Gavelkind, your oldest son will no longer ask for titles
  • Added additional names and dynasties for Roman characters created in the Ruler Designer
  • Added an earlier king of Ireland to make Irish liberation revolts possible
  • 867: Strengthened the coastal Baltic, Slavic and Finnish tribes with better Holdings
  • 867: Slightly strengthened the initial forces of Ivar and Halfdan
  • 867: The Karling kingdoms are now on Agnatic succession
  • 867: Moved Uglich from the Meryas to the Vyatichi
  • 867: Byzantium is now properly on Primogeniture, not Gavelkind
  • 867: The Duchy of Meath now exists, called "Tara" by the Irish
  • 867: Made some important vassals to the King of Italy Italian culture to prolong the survival of the culture and ensure more internal troubles
  • 867: Adjusted the initial political and dynastic setup among the Baltic tribes to make them more resilient
  • The vassal opinion for free investiture law now correctly only applies for Catholics
  • Build cost and time is now affected by your capital tech, not the average tech in your realm
  • Ignoring pagan defensive attrition is now controlled by your capital tech, not by the average tech in your realm
  • Own fort level no longer affects ability to navigate major rivers
  • Tweaked the AI bonuses on Hard and Very Hard difficulty settings
  • Successful non-claimant adventurers are now known as "the Conqueror"
  • Fixed a bug with weird dynasty names for the commanders of Liberation rebels
  • Castrating or blinding a prisoner now removes the righteous imprisonment cause when they are released
  • The ambition to gain a council position now only increases a skill the first time it is successful
  • The generic Pagan religion now has a description and holy sites
  • Added the Hellenic religion
  • The events when certain cities are sacked now properly trigger for the Mongol Empire
  • The event when you raise a runestone as a zealous Reformed Norse character no longer treats you as a Christian
  • Captured Rebel leaders now have a "Broken Spirit" modifier, making them pretty useless
  • Fixed a bug where Gavelkind could produce republics
  • Fixed a general bug with multiple kingdom inheritance that could produce republics
  • The decision to create the Kingdom of León now makes it a de jure part of the Empire of Hispania
  • Trade posts are no longer counted towards the Prepared Invasion realm size limits
  • Fixed a bug with being able to semi-grant invalid duchies and kingdoms to your heir under Gavelkind
  • Heathen priests can now inherit titles
  • Mayors and heathen priests will now marry if they are heirs to other titles
  • Lack of Piety rumor event now only triggers for Christian lieges as intended
  • Trade post garrisons now give less retinue cap increase
  • Moved the counties of Loon and Julich from de jure Cologne to Luxemburg
  • Technology points are now gained by own demesne when containing buildings that give technology points
  • Baltic cultures can now also form the Wendish Empire
  • Finnic cultures can now also form the Russian Empire
  • Finnic cultures can now also form the Scandinavian Empire
  • North Germanic cultures can now also form the Empire of Britannia
  • 867: Greater Poland is no longer a republic after a resign
  • Norse Patricians are now correctly on Seniority succession


  • Will not convert to Norman culture if in a huge Norse empire
  • Higher prio on building temple towns
  • Adjusted propensity to backstab brothers of the faith who are primary parties in holy wars
  • Behaviour is now affected subtly by the difficulty settings
  • Tweaked max field army sizes a bit
  • Will not agree to concubinage for title claimants


  • Added a 'can_appear' field to dynasties to prevent for example the Seljuks from appearing before their event

Patch 1.102

Patch 1.102 was released on 2013-06-25.


  • Removed the erroneous warning text about disinheriting a dynasty member when granting him a temple holding, for non-Christians
  • West Africans now use the Mongol on-map shields
  • Diplo View: Crusades/Jihads/Great Holy Wars are now listed before they can be used (with a tooltip why you can't use them)
  • Added some more random Coat of Arms elements (more work to come)
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong temple icon could be shown in the province view
  • Fixed an issue with the displaying of strong claims for pagans and Zoroastrians


  • Fixed bug where Arsenal building could be deleted on succession
  • The decision for creating Hungary now takes away the Ukrainian part of their realm
  • Zoroastrians can now properly use their Crusade CB
  • 1066: Rebalanced William's, Harold's and Harald's starting forces
  • Fixed a bug where Crown Laws would not carry over into created kingdoms and empires
  • Fixed some bugs with True Cognatic succession
  • You no longer get messages about adventurers who are not actually declaring war
  • You must now be in the West African culture group to recruit the Ghanan Band
  • Slashed some unnecessary memory usage for living characters
  • Fixed bug where you sometimes raised two runestones in honor of your father
  • The event where a female courtier initiates romance with her liege now properly checks their opinion of each other
  • Expanded the Justanid dynasty of Gilan
  • Fixes and additions to several Norwegian dynasties
  • The Imperial Reconquest CB now also applies to the Kingdom of Asturias
  • Fixed a bug where the order of holdings in provinces did not remain consistent when stepping back and forth in history
  • Varangians will now only come back Orthodox if it's the Byzantine ruler's religion
  • Diseases now actually trigger before 1066
  • Fixed a rare crash issue with invalid coat of arms for Muslim held titles
  • Some slight memory and speed optimizations
  • Lund is now a temple holding
  • Marshals can no longer interfere with their own efforts to train troops in a province
  • Court Chaplains no longer claim characters are heretics if they are already branded as such
  • The opinion modifiers given by events 3243 and 4148 no longer instantly disappear
  • Added the Dál gCais dynasty
  • Expanded the Morgannwg dynasty
  • Fixes to Gwerthrynion dynasty members
  • 867: Corrected the character Hrolf, the first duke of Normandy
  • 1066: Corrected an issue with Gurgan and Dailam not being part of the Seljuk empire
  • Loosened up the culture requirements for the formation of the kingdoms of Rus and Finland
  • Follow-up events should now trigger properly when your wife is impregnated by a lover
  • Added the three winning submissions from the Event Contest
  • Piety from buildings is now given to both the owner and his/her liege
  • Moved the duchy of Hayya from Abyssinia to Nubia
  • Fixed a bug where the liege would always inherit a courtier's gold
  • Improved the gold inheritance check to look for siblings and grandchildren if necessary
  • No longer possible to invite a concubine to your court
  • The Blot and Nerge decisions are now high priority, giving players a heads up when they are available
  • Landless Popes can now call crusades
  • Titles with free duchy revocation (the ERE) can now also revoke the de jure capital county freely


  • Will no longer declare war on its current "player heir", or vice versa
  • Will not flip culture to Swedish, Danish or Norwegian culture if in a huge Norse empire
  • Will now execute claimants whose claim is currently pressed in a war against it
  • Doges and patricians are now more likely to build in their cities
  • Pagans now willing to accept cross-religion marriages with other pagans if it likes you enough
  • Will now accept marriage offers for courtiers of the right religion, even if the ruler is of a hostile religion
  • Female rulers or heirs less likely to marry non-matrilineally, unless they really like you
  • More likely to revoke its de jure capital title


  • Added Enatic and Enatic-Cognatic Succession code support (laws not available without slight modding)
  • Added 'can_hold_temples' to religions (like Muslims can hold temple holdings)
  • The history command 'raise_troops' now raises them with full morale
  • Added 'merge' field to the 'spawn_unit' effect
  • Added 'can_use_gui' to CB types
  • Added liege_prestige, allowing buildings to give prestige to its owner and his/her liege

Patch 1.103

Patch 1.103 was released on 2013-07-04.


  • Fixed incorrect AI reasoning text string "X is my lover"
  • Fixed a tooltip bug in the effect 'gender_succ'
  • Corrected some text bugs
  • It is no longer possible to start building Theodosian walls outside of Constantinople
  • Wikipedia links should now work on Linux


  • Changed the way levies reinforce (to fix a rounding bug.) This will overall reduce levy reinforcement rates a bit.
  • Tech spread no longer gets stuck at 5
  • Patricians with no landed holdings now correctly get some random courtiers (which they can, for example, marry)
  • Euboia is no longer "Ocean" terrain
  • Westfriesland is no longer "Ocean" terrain
  • You can no longer become a truce breaker from failed imprisonments or title revokations, or wars from events, plots or factions
  • 867: Gave Almos, the ruler of the Magyars, and his son Arpad scripted traits
  • 867: Slightly strengthened the initial Magyar army
  • Kingdoms with a king can now also de jure drift into empires
  • Independent kingdoms can no longer drift out of their de jure empires
  • Added Zoroastrian Crusade target weights to appropriate titles
  • Human played vassals of the Magyars now get to keep their Ukrainian lands when Hungary forms
  • Added level three Castle Fortifications to Constantinople
  • Boosted the heavy infantry morale bonus given by the Aztec Jaguar Warrior Lodge
  • Fixed a crash with deleted characters in a title's previous holder list
  • The Seljuks now appear a bit further south, in Dashhowuz rather than Kyzylorda
  • Fixed a bug where creating a kingdom or empire would not always initialize Crown Laws correctly
  • Fixed raised armies being counted twice for max troops calculations used by some interfaces and some AI calculations
  • Fixed an issue with save game corruption after loading a game and saving before unpausing


  • Fixed a bug where patrician AI would go braindead for a long time after resign/reload
  • Fixed an issue where, in many cases, under Gavelkind the AI would not create a second duchy even to form a kingdom
  • Fixed a bug in the diplo AI where it would consider other lowborn characters to be its own dynasty
  • Tweaked cross-religion Pagan marriage acceptance