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Patch 2.0.X are all patches beginning with 2.0. There were 4 patches.

Patch 2.0

Main article: Patch 2.0

Patch 2.0.1

Patch 2.0.1 was released on the 22th of November[1].

  • Added missing Jewish religious icons
  • No longer possible to play as a Jew without the Sons of Abraham DLC
  • The "Legitimize Bastard" decision now sets the correct dynasty
  • Cathars now have access to the "True Cognatic" succession law
  • Jewish priests are now allowed to marry
  • The kingdom of Jerusalem decisions to vassalize the Knights Templar and Hospitaller now work
  • Heresies are now also shown on the religion page in the ledger
  • The Knights of Santiago now have their historical activation date and first Grandmaster
  • Fixed a bug where an antipope installed as proper Pope in Rome would get an antipope successor
  • Fixed a bug where the Pope could restore himself in Rome infinitely, for astronomical amounts of Piety
  • GamersGate users no longer incorrectly get the Steam overlay
  • Different platforms don't get different checksums anymore
  • You can no longer get a barony level character when pressing the Random Character button
  • Added more descriptive text when Ironman is disabled
  • Removed some ways in which one could cheat in Ironman
  • Disabled autosave to cloud storage option in settings if no cloud storage is available
  • Fixed some bugs with the new 'hold_election' effect
  • AI: Massively reduced the chance that it will create antipopes, for now
  • Fixed an issue with ridiculously powerful Mongol stacks if there were Jews in the world
  • Fixed so Shift + I does not act like Shift + Insert anymore
  • Religion status changes (Mending the Schism, etc.) are now properly reset on resign
  • Fixed a bug where most councillor job action events were men only
  • Blocked Ultimogeniture for West African pagans
  • Limited the intrigue gained from certain successful plots
  • Fixed error in 'Viking Raider' achievement script
  • Fixed a bug with Zoroastrian Xwedodah marriages not being considered sacred
  • No longer possible to select Jews in multiplayer if the host does not have Sons of Abraham

Patch 2.0.2

Patch 2.0.2 was released on the 16th of December[2].


  • Added a "Depose Antipope" Casus Belli
  • Added an "Antiking" faction. The leader usurps the liege's primary title, deposes the antipope and passes papal investiture. The Pope can be called into the resulting war.
  • Not possible to set up an antipope within 50 years of one being forcibly deposed
  • Fixed bug in Linux where the game became totally unplayable if you ALT+TAB
  • Now possible to play in Ironman mode with the ruler designer and mods (but you won't get achievements)
  • Significantly reduced the amount of event-spawned troops across the board to better reflect the rebalanced levies
  • Fixed crash bug in the Mac launcher
  • Fixed religion reformation crash


  • West African Pagans can no longer have higher CA than Low
  • Fraticelli now get investiture laws
  • Waived the non-neighboring rule for theocracy title grants, but made it moddable
  • Now allowed to grant one higher-than-duke tier title to a theocracy
  • Blocked granting away your capital county if you have moved your capital
  • Disallowed revoking and plotting to revoke a title that you just gave to someone
  • Antipopes now correctly lose the status if they change religion
  • Antipopes now lose their status if their liege is not the same religion
  • Fixed some memory and thread safety issues with the trigger 'check_variable'
  • Added a blocker flag to first generation Jewish courtiers, preventing conversion demands
  • Increased the revolt risk for wrong culture and religion a bit
  • Antipopes now have papal clothes
  • You now have to be independent to create an antipope
  • Added Jewish buildings
  • Added Jewish retinues
  • Fixed a bug with patricians pressing claims
  • Improved the "pagan converts to spouse's/concubine's religion" decisions to work with all heresies
  • Mending the Great Schism is also now possible for Orthodox heresies that have taken over and become the main branch
  • Tweaked various religious events
  • Lowered the mean time to happen for certain story events
  • Fixed a bug with the de facto liege of primary holdings
  • Now patricians will be picked sometimes when using the random character button
  • Added trait "Battlefield Terrain Master"
  • Fixed bug where independent characters couldn't be assigned a religious title
  • Fixed issue where liege took barony vassals entire county as capital when he didn't own the county
  • Fixed missed check for unlanded when usurping title
  • Fixed crash bug when looking at religions in game setup
  • Corrected Orthodox patriarch name lists
  • Added missing reason tooltip for why you cannot make an antipope of a bishop of another religion
  • Added missing crusade names for some heresies
  • Fixed a bug with the ending of the Shepherds' Crusade
  • Fixed some triggers that weren't correctly checking for the Jewish religion group
  • Non-Jewish rulers with Jewish councillors can now get some special technology improvement events
  • Fixed a very rare crash in combat
  • Marriage, betrothal, and concubinage can no longer be arrange while imprisoned
  • Fixed bug in the Crusade CB where a courtier could not get the king title he deserved
  • There is now automatic peace with rebels if you get a complete victory
  • Fixed bug where the unit reorganization window didn't pop up and split of troops was not selected
  • Fixed the invasion CB for Muslims so it becomes invalid when the target converts religion
  • Fixed bug where a regiment managed to detach itself from its army completely
  • City and bishopric rulers can no longer get claims through inheritance
  • Corrected several heretic religion descriptions
  • Added some missing Fraticelli College of Cardinals text
  • Added a minimum cap for bottleneck chokepoints
  • Fixed crash when randomly jumping around in history.
  • Reverted back so levy modifier affects galley count
  • The "Holy Smoke" achievement should now work as intended
  • The "And Stay Out!" achievement should now work as intended
  • Fixed a bug when saving a game that has a religion which has overthrown the parent religion
  • Fixed problem where hordes counted as theocracies in the game setup
  • Fixed flank leaders being reset when loading saves
  • The Ibadi and Hurufi Caliphates and the Yazidi Sheikhdom can now be properly created
  • Fixed a bug where rulers of all religions could ask their religious head to start a crusade
  • If Catholicism becomes a heresy, "Mending the Schism" is no longer possible
  • Fixed a bug where Muslim invasion wars against other types of Muslims would invalidate immediately
  • Fixed so ironman mode is not locked out if you go back from saved games to bookmarks.


  • Made sure the Vikings have enough ships in 867
  • Strengthened 867 starting positions for Rurik, Dyre the Stranger and the Khazars
  • Added Jewish Khazar names
  • Made some minor fixes to male Iberian names


  • AI: Adjusted succession marriage reasoning
  • AI: Better at calculating odds of victory when attacking
  • AI: Should now be more careful about attacking with inferior numbers
  • AI: Will now re-raise its forces if current levies are significantly smaller than the potential amount it can raise
  • AI: Will now use the Spymaster to suppress factions
  • AI: Will now use the Chancellor to improve relations with vassal faction members
  • AI: More careful about appointing disgruntled Spymasters
  • AI: Will now always honor the terms of an existing betrothal
  • AI: Fixed a bug where Catholic rulers would spam the Pope with money requests and bishop nomination requests, spending their Piety
  • AI: Really powerful rulers now sometimes create antipopes, even when they are not excommunicated, depending on papal opinions and the number of church loyalist bishops


  • Triggers are now automatically sorted by their computation complexity so modders won't have to think about it
  • Added trigger 'is_recent_grant'
  • Exported 'matrilineal_marriages' flag to religion script (no longer hardcoded for Muslims)
  • Exported 'can_have_antipopes' flag to religions (now decoupled from 'investiture')
  • Added event target 'betrothed'
  • Added history command 'add_matrilineal_spouse'
  • Added trigger 'is_married_matrilineally'
  • Added support for the 'player_allow' trigger in factions
  • Added a configuration "mp_max_lead_days" which is defaulted at 7, this prevents the server from progressing more than a week ahead of the slowest player
  • Added do_not_disturb character flag to help optimize triggers and lock character availability for journeys, feasts etc
  • Added any_claimant effect
  • Fixed error with character and province event effect where they could not trigger cause they missed a trigger
  • Added a new -debugscripts command line option that will output our internal asserts of the triggers and effects so modders can see what went wrong with their scripts
  • Added EVENT_TROOPS_SIZE_MULT define as a global multiplier on match_mult
  • Fixed an issue with namespaces and how delayed event ids are saved
  • Fixed so duplicate entries of a character's ID won't create duplicate characters.
  • Added BOTTLENECK_CHOKE_TROOP_CAP in defines which defaults to 300
  • The 'intermarry' option in religions now works between religion groups as well
  • Retinues are now scripted with a 'potential' trigger rather than simple culture and culture_group fields
  • Added has_regiments trigger.


  • Fixed bug where province view was toggled when siege ended
  • Now the checkbox for auto invite plots displays correctly

Patch 2.0.3

Patch 2.0.3 was released on the 20th of December[3].

  • Fixed crash when stepping around in the history
  • Locked date widget when loading ironman saves
  • Fixed crash with ironman saves in a different directory

Patch 2.0.4

Patch 2.0.4 was released on the 17th of January 2014[4].

  • Fixed a serious issue where big cloud saves could become corrupted
  • Various changes to the EU4 converter for the EU4 v1.4 patch
  • Improved save compatibility feedback