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Patches and hotfixes are free updates for Crusader Kings II, though there they are different in purpose:

  • Patches fix many bugs and/or implement balance tweaks. They are sometimes released alongside a new, major DLC; when this occurs a portion of the DLC's features are usually shipped as part of the coinciding free patch, thus made available to anyone who has the base game.
  • Hotfixes are very small updates to the game that usually fix only a few bugs and may contain a few changes to the gameplay as well. Hotfixes are commonly released shortly after major patches to fix any unforeseen bugs that came with the previous update, or independently to fix newly-discovered bugs or exploits.
  • Note that newer DLCs cannot be activated if you're playing on an older patch version. E.g. You cannot activate Conclave if you're playing 2.4.X and older, and you cannot activate Conclave and Horse Lords if you're playing 2.3.X and older. This is more applicable for mods, who have various levels of compatibility with new patches.

Version history

Version Date Checksum Notes
3.3 2019-10-19 XDSW
3.2.1 2019-06-04 AZCE Bugfix. Last version supporting 32bits system[1].
3.2 2019-05-28 KLLL Upgrade.
3.1.1 2019-05-16 WQTI Upgrade.
3.1 2019-04-02 KKAD Upgrade. 2019-01-17 ONDO Hotfix
3.0.1 2018-12-05 CDYZ Bugfix
3.0 2018-11-13 PXTU Released alongside Holy Fury.png Holy Fury. 2018-09-07 SAHQ Hotfix. Note: Beta patch can be reverted to via Steam Beta branch and has same checksum. 2018-06-27 SAHQ Hotfix 2018-06-13 SAHQ Hotfix
2.8.3 2018-06-12 WVUU Bugfix 2018-05-17 SAHQ Hotfix
2.8.2 2018-05-15 WVUU Bugfix 2017-12-18 ISRM Hotfix
2.8.1 2017-12-05 WTTG Patch
2.8 2017-11-16 PLQA Released alongside Jade Dragon.png Jade Dragon.
2.7.2 2017-08-15 GMTV Bugfix
2.7.1 2017-04-24 BPAH Patch 2017-03-22 WHCB Bugfix 2017-03-16 OAWR Bugfix
2.7 2017-03-07 WHGQ Released alongside DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png Monks and Mystics.
2.6.3 2016-11-24 VNFM Update for the EU4 converter for EU4 patch 1.19.
2.6.2 2016-10-11 TPOW Patch 2016-08-30 SKBW Hotfix
2.6.1 2016-08-25 UUYR
  • Released alongside DLC icon Reaper's Due.png The Reaper's Due.
  • Note: patch 2.6 was never publicly released. 2016-06-02 OTSX Bugfix for the EU4 converter 2016-05-30 FHON Update for the EU4 converter
2.5.2 2016-03-03 YZAZ Patch 2016-02-05 XKJY Hotfix
2.5.1 2016-02-02 OBWK
  • Released alongside DLC icon Conclave.png Conclave.
  • Note: patch 2.5 was never publicly released.
2.4.5 2015-10-16 NFUF Patch. Can be reverted to via Steam Beta branch.
2.4.4 2015-08-20 FUYZ Patch.
2.4.3 2015-08-12 WIUP Patch.
2.4.2 2015-07-21 AJJW Patch. Was initially an open beta patch.
2.4.1 2015-07-14 ZXPB
  • Released alongside Horse Lords.png Horse Lords.
  • Note: patch 2.4 was never publicly released.
2.3.6 2015-06-11 JWMQ Hotfix. Can be reverted to via Steam Beta branch.
2.3.5 2015-06-09 AKIG Patch.
2.3.4 2015-04-08 RYEW Patch.
2.3.3 2015-02-16 DAQH Patch.
2.3.2 2015-01-14 MMUR Hotfix.
2.3.1 2015-01-14 UKYK Patch.
2.3 2014-12-16 BTOF Released alongside DLC icon Way of Life.png Way of Life.
2.2.1 2014-11-18 DPOO Patch. Can be reverted to via Steam Beta branch.
2.2 2014-10-14 URWO Released alongside DLC icon Charlemagne.png Charlemagne.
2.1.6 2014-07-02 TTXL Hotfix. Can be reverted to via Steam Beta branch.
2.1.5 2014-06-30 EQEG Patch.
2.1.4 2014-04-28 XQSJ Patch.
2.1.3 2014-04-11 OSRS Hotfix.
2.1.2 2014-04-09 XLME Patch.
2.1.1 2014-03-25 CFYM Released alongside Rajas of India.png Rajas of India.
2.0.4 2014-01-17 FCUV Hotfix. Can be reverted to via Steam Beta branch.
2.0.3 2013-12-20 COWM Hotfix. First steam-exclusive patch.
2.0.2 2013-12-16 LAAW Hotfix.
2.0.1 2013-11-22 XFMJ Hotfix.
2.0 2013-11-18 WGPN Released alongside Dlc icon sons of abraham.png Sons of Abraham.
1.111 2013-08-16 MLYP Hotfix. Can be reverted to via Steam Beta branch.
1.10 2013-05-27 SKDF Released alongside Dlc icon the old gods.png The Old Gods


Each patch has an associated checksum that allows to verify the installation is correct.

It is displayed at two places:

  • On the CK2 launcher: it is the reference/expected checksum (hardcoded).
  • On the game lobby, in the bottom left: it is the actual checksum, dynamically calculated from the loaded game files.

Rolling back to an older version

Steam betas tab

Older stable versions are available through Steam Beta tab. It gives "people a chance to finish of saves already started! (in case a patch breaks save files, or game mechanics changed too much for your liking)"[2]

To rollback :

  • Right-click Crusader Kings II in the game library
  • Click on Properties
  • Select the BETAS tab
  • Select the version in the dropdown
  • Wait for game files to update
  • In the launcher, unselect any DLC released after the selected patch, otherwise the game will crash.

If the version you are rolling back to is from before the GDPR changes took effect you will need to get a code Paradoxplaza. Click Show below Your Games. Copy the code for CK2, and paste it below the drop down menu in the BETAS tab.[3]

The process is the same, to go back to current version, by selection NONE in the dropdown instead.