Regency events

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These are events concerning a realm's regent.

ID Name
61000 Regent embezzles money
61001 character_event
61002 character_event
61003 character_event
61004 character_event
61100 Regency: Regent steals holding
61101 Regency: Ruler informed of holding loss.
61105 Regency: Regent gives Ruler's money to charity
61106 Ruler is informed of Regent giving money
61110 Regency: Regent is a better administrator than you ever were
61120 Regency: Regent humiliates Ruler
61121 Regency: Ruler is humiliated by regent
61122 Regency: Vassal upset at treatment of Ruler
61123 Regency: Ruler approached by vassal
61124 Regency: Vassal gets approval, makes move
61125 Regency: Vassal defeats Regent, becomes new Regent
61126 Regency: Vassal defeats Regent, Regent loses title, goes to next in Regent succession
61127 Regency: Vassal fails, is jailed
61128 Regency: Regent successful in keeping title
61129 Regency: Regent is jailed
61130 Regency: Ruler informed of failure to replace Regent
61131 Regency: Ruler informed of success in replacing Regent
61135 Regency: Ruler, if child, kills Regent
61140 Regency: Regent attempts to declare ruler insane when he's not.
61141 Regency: Regent attempts to declare ruler insane
61142 Regency: The insane ruler is imprisoned
61145 Regency: The non-insane ruler is imprisoned
61146 Regency: Regent informed attempt to have ruler declared insane fails
61150 Regency: Ruler informed attempt to have ruler declare insane fails
61151 Ruler informed he has been declared insane
61152 Regency: Regent replaced, Ruler is set free
61155 Regency: Regent has opportunity to steal throne
61156 Regency: Regent informed he has stolen throne
61157 Regency: Regent informed he failed to steal throne
61160 Regency: Ruler informed Regent failed to steal throne
61161 Regency: Ruler informed Regent stole throne
61165 Regency: Ruler escapes from tower
61166 Regency: Ruler escorted back to tower
61170 Regency: Regent informed Ruler is reinstated after escaping
61190 Regent sends Ruler to scrub roof
61191 Ruler is sent to scrub roof
61192 Ruler scrubs roof successfully
61195 Regent sends Ruler into forest
61196 Ruler is sent into forest
61197 Ruler returns from forest
61200 Regent sends Ruler away by carriage
61201 Ruler is sent away by carriage
61202 Ruler survives the carriage ride
61205 Regent pushes guard on Ruler
61206 Ruler has guard pushed on him
61207 Ruler survives guard
61210 Regent storms Ruler's room with dagger
61211 Ruler is attacked by Regent
61212 Ruler survives
61213 Regent is imprisoned
61215 Courtier thinks he/she would do a better job than current regent
61216 Regent is informed that Courtier is trying to plead case at court
61217 Courtier informed he/she won the case and is now regent
61218 Courtier informed he/she lost the case at court
61219 Regent informed he/she won the case and remains regent
61220 Regent informed he/she lost the case and has been replaced
61221 Regent informed courtier has challenged him to duel over regency
61222 Courtier informed Regent challenges to duel
61223 Courtier informed Regent accepts duel, they fight!
61224 Regent informed courtier accepts duel, they fight!
61225 Regent informed he wins.
61226 Regent informed he wins, courtier maimed
61227 Regent loses, is maimed
61228 Courtier informed he wins.
61229 Courtier informed he wins, regent maimed
61230 Courtier loses, is maimed
61231 Opponent doesn't show up for duel
61232 Is killed in duel
61235 Ruler informed about the new Regent after duel.
61236 Ruler informed about the new Regent after intrigue
61245 Courtier informed Regent refuses challenge
61246 Courtier informed Regent voluntarily abdicates title
61237 Queen takes over regency
61238 Queen Mother takes over regency
61239 Ruler informed that Queen takes over regency
61240 Ruler informed that Queen Mother is taking over regency
61300 The Regent lowers Crown Authority in a Kingdom
61301 Ruler informed that Regent has Lowered CA in a Kingdom
61302 The Regent Lowers Crown Authority in an Empire
61303 Ruler informed that Regent has Lowered CA in an Empire