RoI Feast Events

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These are feast events introduced in the DLC Rajas of India.

ID Name
RoI.1000 Invite vassals to feast
RoI.1001 Vassal receives invitation - Diwali
RoI.1940 Vassal receives invitation - Kali Puja
RoI.1002 If vassal refuses to come to the feast
RoI.1005 Choose gift for spouse
RoI.1006 Choose gift for lover
RoI.1007 Wife or lover reacts to gift (or lack thereof)
RoI.1020 Feast begins
RoI.1989 Vassal arrives at feast
RoI.1995 Feast ends
RoI.1996 A feast to remember - host
RoI.1997 A feast to forget - host
RoI.1998 A feast to remember - guest
RoI.1999 A feast to forget - guest
RoI.1050 Snake charmer
RoI.1051 Snake charmer - snake escapes!
RoI.1052 Snake slither up in someone's lap and scares them
RoI.1053 Notify target of friendly snake
RoI.1054 Snake kills guest
RoI.1055 Guest kills snake
RoI.1056 Notify hero killer of snake
RoI.1150 Magician performs at feast
RoI.1151 Disappears boy in basket
RoI.1152 Cups and balls
RoI.1153 Cups and balls - guess is always wrong
RoI.1154 Rope trick
RoI.1160 Monkeys
RoI.1170 Religious ceremony - liege
RoI.1171 Hindu celebration - host
RoI.1172 Hindu celebration - guests
RoI.1173 Buddhist celebration - host
RoI.1174 Buddhist celebration - guests
RoI.1175 Jain celebration - host
RoI.1176 Jain celebration - guests
RoI.1177 Kali Puja Celebration
RoI.1178 Celebrate Kali - bloody madness - host
RoI.1190 Prisoner to be sacrificed gets this bridging event
RoI.1179 Celebrate Kali - bloody madness 1 - guests
RoI.1180 Celebrate Kali - bloody madness 1 - host
RoI.1181 Celebrate Kali - bloody madness 2 - host
RoI.1182 Celebrate Kali - bloody madness 2 - guests
RoI.1183 Celebrate Kali - bloody madness 3 - host
RoI.1184 Celebrate Kali - bloody madness 3 - guests
RoI.1188 Basic Kali Puja celebration - host
RoI.1189 Basic Kali Puja celebration - guests
RoI.1990 Clear all character flags and modifiers