Roman events

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These are events related to the Romans.

ID Name
LoR.1 Provincia Syria Palaestina
LoR.2 Provincia Aegyptus
LoR.3 Provincia Cyrenaica
LoR.4 Provincia Africa
LoR.5 Provincia Illyricum
LoR.6 Provincia Italia
LoR.7 Provincia Gallia
LoR.8 Provincia Germania
LoR.9 Provincia Britannia
LoR.10 Provincia Hispania
LoR.11 Provincia Mauretania
LoR.12 Provincia Mesopotamia
LoR.13 Provincia Caledonia
LoR.14 Provincia Hibernia
LoR.20 The Restoration of Rome
LoR.21 Informed about Restoration of Rome
LoR.30 Triumph Expected
LoR.31 Triumph Held
LoR.32 Triumph Held Vassals
LoR.40 Roman Borders
LoR.45 Augustus Trait Gained