Soa jewish events

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These are Jewish religious events introduced in the DLC Sons of Abraham.

ID Name
SoA.100 Third Temple Construction Begun
SoA.10199 Third Temple Built
SoA.101 narrative_event
SoA.102 Creation of Israel
SoA.105 Jews Expelled
SoA.106 Jews Welcomed Back
SoA.566 Jews Welcomed Back due to ruler now being Jewish
SoA.107 Jews Expelled (Notifier for Vassals)
SoA.108 Jews welcomed Back (Notifier for Vassals)
SoA.200 Jewish Diplomat Appears at Court (Ashkenazi)
SoA.201 Jewish Administrator Appears at Court (Ashkenazi)
SoA.202 Jewish Spy Appears at Court (Ashkenazi)
SoA.203 Jewish Diplomat Appears at Court (Sephardi)
SoA.204 Jewish Administrator Appears at Court (Sephardi)
SoA.205 Jewish Spy Appears at Court (Sephardi)
SoA.300 Loss of economic tech
SoA.301 Loss of cultural tech
SoA.302 Loss of military tech
SoA.500 Invitation Sent
SoA.501 Invitation Recieved
SoA.502 Invitation Refused
SoA.503 Passover Sedar Begins
SoA.504 Passover Sedar Ends (Host)
SoA.505 Passover Sedar Ends (Guest)
SoA.550 The Priesthood Restored
SoA.560 Chancellor (Hidden)
SoA.561 Chancellor
SoA.562 Steward (Hidden)
SoA.563 Steward
SoA.564 Spymaster (Hidden)
SoA.565 Spymaster
SoA.599 Safety catch - clears character flags and modifiers