Sons of Abraham

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Sons of Abraham is an expansion released on the 18th of November 2013 alongside with patch 2.0. It gives further depth to the Abrahamic faiths; Christianity in particular, but will also add some content for Muslims, and add the Jewish faith.


Papal mechanics

  • College of Cardinals to elect the Pope
  • Pope that you supported can give you money, free invasions/excommunications/divorces
  • You can request Crusades!
  • Opinion maluses for each request to Pope
  • Exclusive to Catholics and Fraticelli

Holy orders

  • Two new Catholic orders (Calatrava and Santiago)
  • Everybody gets holy order (Immortals confirmed for Zoroastrians)
  • Characters from court will join (like Varangians)
  • You can borrow from them (like historical Templars were bankers)


  • 300+ new ones
  • Some are patch, some are DLC
  • Patch: events that start Crusades/Jihads/etc
  • Flavor events for Abrahamic faiths


  • Pilgrimages to holy places for Catholics
  • Play as a Jewish lord and restore the kingdom of Israel
  • Pick sides in Islam as a rationalist Mutazili or an opposing Ashari
  • Retire troublesome courtiers to a monastery
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