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Advanced small start guide

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=== Marriage ===
: {{main|Advanced marriage guide}}
You want to find a wife on day 1 because most of the AI are also unmarried and will very quickly start snatching up the best wives. Focus on [[Traits#CongenitalGenetic|genetic traits]], fertility, and stewardship (to increase your demesne size). The ideal wife is young, {{iconify|Midas touched}}, {{iconify|Genius}}, {{iconify|Strong}}, and {{iconify|Lustful}}.
You can use the marriage rings to try to find a high stewardship wife. If you can find one that is of the same culture, then even better. Your future wife will have to be of your religion group, otherwise the AI will never accept the marriage. Go to your [[character finder]] and just look for unmarried women, sort by stewardship. Due to stat boosts, Genius (the best genetic trait) and Midas touched (the highest-fertility education) should float to the top. You can enter searches such as "genius" or "midas" if you want.