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Succession type customization is very limited. Theoretically, you could use a 'vote' type succession without voters to choose a very specific heir. Handing out titles in a specific manner is not possible.[Verification needed]

Succession format

Succession types go in /common/laws.

<succession_name> = {
    # Modifiers applied to the ruler.
    child_opinion = 42

    potential = {
        # Conditions for the succession to be visible in the UI.

    allow = {
        # Conditions that allow the succession to be implemented.

    effect = {
        # What happens when the succession is implemented.
        succession = primogeniture         # Plain succession without voting.

        succession = {                     # The heir is selected by vote.
            base_type = <base_type_name>   # See "Base succession type" below
            voting_rules = <voting_rules>  # Defined in /common/succession_voting

    revoke_allowed = {
        # ???
        always = no

Base succession type

All succession types must use a hard-coded 'base type', which determines who the heirs are, if there are voters, and what titles the heirs receive upon death of the current ruler.

Name Description
gavelkind Titles are divided up amongst the ruler's children.
elective_gavelkind Titles are divided up amongst the ruler's children, with the elected heir getting the primary title.
tanistry ???
feudal_elective All titles go to the elected heir.
seniority All titles go to the oldest living member of the ruling dynasty.
primogeniture All titles go to the oldest child of the ruler.
ultimogeniture All titles go to the youngest child of the ruler.
turkish_succession ???
papal_succession ???
appointment The title reverts back to the appointer. The succession of duchy and kingdom viceroyalties.
open_elective ???
catholic_bishopric ???
patrician_elective All? Primary? titles go to the elected family. The succession of merchant republics.
nomad_succession The most prestigious child of the ruler inherits all titles, unless they are too young. In that case, the most powerful nomadic vassal gets the primary title.
offmap_succession This succession type generates a character of China's culture and religion. They have decent (4-10) stats, and good (7-11) stewardship, and will always have a Stewardship education. The offmap power defined in the top liege's government is used to determine the culture and religion. Will not function if this isn't defined