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Dlc icon sunset invasion.png Sunset Invasion
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Release date / Patch
2012-11-15 / 1.08

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Sunset Invasion (SI) is a small expansion for Crusader Kings II, released on November 15, 2012. It features an ahistorical Aztec invasion of Western Europe.

Main features[edit | edit source]

Sunset Invasion adds the Aztec Invasion, which will occur no earlier than the 13th century. In the game rules, it can also be set to occur at a random date at least 50 years after the game is started.

  • A new invading threat arrives at a random point in the mid to late game, conquering from the West
  • Unique new portraits, on-map shields and units for the great Mesoamerican Menace
  • Cower in fear at the Aztec gods: New Aztec culture and religion
  • Human Sacrifice! When a province is lost, no-one is safe from the threat of losing their hearts on the obsidian altars
  • Survive the terrible disease brought by the pagan oppressors: A new plague from across the Ocean

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its development was mostly outsourced or done on the staff's spare time.
  • Aztec invasion idea came from a symmetry of the Mongol horde invasion, to offset the imbalance of Western edge of the map being very safe compared to the Eastern edge.
  • If you have both The Old Gods and Sunset Invasion enabled, and north_germanic culture, an event around year 1010 describes how the "skraelings" of Vinland captured several Viking longships.
  • The invasion is called "Sunset Invasion" because it comes from the west, where the sun sets.

Interesting characters to play[edit | edit source]

Name Description Date Title
King Ivar the Boneless There are multiple theories for how this Viking leader got the nickname 'the boneless.' Some say it was the result of a curse, and others think it's the result of miscommunication. While the sagas detail his physical disability, they also highlight his mastery of strategy as he invaded what is now England. Viking Age, 867 AD The Isles
Sultan Muhammad The Umayyad Caliphate at its peak was one of the largest empires in history. But after the Abbasid Revolt in the 740, the realm is now the southern part of today's Spain. History, as we know, tends to repeat itself and Muhammad I's reign had several revolts and separatist movements. Viking Age, 867 AD Andalusia
Alfonso II 'the Fat' As Alfonso II stepped up to the role as King of Portugal, he took a different approach than his father. Afonso didn't view military issues as a priority, and instead designed the first set of Portuguese written laws. He managed to keep security within his borders by only using peaceful methods. Age of the Mongols, 1220 AD Portugal
King Garcia of Galicia Being the youngest of three, García was given Galicia and Seville, while his eldest brother Sancho II received the Kingdom of Castille. His other brother, Alfonso VI, inherited the Kingdom of León. He was imprisoned by his siblings as they sought to capture his realm. High Middle Ages, 1066 AD Galicia

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

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All developer diaries about the Sunset Invasion expansion and patch 1.08.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Invasion from the West Covers the Sunset Invasion DLC features. 2012-11-07