Sunset Invasion events

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These are events from the Sunset Invasion DLC.

ID Name
SSI.1 First Contact - Beads and Feathers
SSI.2 Rumors of People from across the Atlantic
SSI.3 First Landing of the Aztecs
SSI.4 First Landing of the Aztecs
SSI.5 Second Landing of the Aztecs
SSI.6 Second Landing of the Aztecs
SSI.100 Aztec Invasion Fleets disband
SSI.105 Aztecs Thrown Back Into the Sea
SSI.30 Aztecs Fight Incas
SSI.31 Aztecs Pacify Northern Plains
SSI.35 Food From the Americas
SSI.40 Aztecs Hold Iceland
SSI.41 Aztecs Hold Ireland
SSI.42 Aztecs Hold Britain
SSI.43 Aztecs Hold London
SSI.44 Aztecs Hold Paris
SSI.45 Aztecs Hold Rome
SSI.46 Aztecs Hold Constantinople
SSI.47 Aztecs Hold Cordoba
SSI.48 Aztecs Hold Cairo
SSI.60 Aztecs Sacrifice Prisoner
SSI.61 Aztecs Sacrifice Occupied Province Character
SSI.62 Liege Informed of Sacrifice
SSI.70 Aztecs Bring Syphilis
SSI.71 Aztecs Struck by Smallpox