Sword of Islam

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The Sword of Islam is the first major expansion for CKII. With it came the first major content update, 1.06. The update itself contained many of the features thought to be part of SoI, such as Muslim Decadence and new empires.

It came out June 26, 2012. The lauch price was $9.99, which it currently still is.

Additions of Expansion

The major addition of the expansion itself is the ability to play as Muslims.

Previously, you could play as Muslims through education or console commands, but they played almost identical to Christians.

In the expansion, many new features were added to make Muslims more unique and fun.

  • Decadence. This increases as you have more unlanded males in your family. High decadence leads to big problems for your nation, such as Tribal Invasions.
  • Polygamy. Muslims may have up to four wives, one extra wife per level of title, starting at the count level, and capped at the king level. Having less than the maximum results in a monthly prestige drop.
  • New CBs. All non-christians can randomly conquer a single province at the cost of piety. Also, Muslims are capable of declaring war on any Muslims not of their exact branch of Islam.