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Dlc icon sword of islam.png Sword of Islam
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Release date / Patch
2012-06-26 / 1.06
Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam expansion feature spotlight.

Sword of Islam (SoI) is the first major expansion for Crusader Kings II, released on June 26, 2012.

It was released alongside patch 1.06 which contained many of the features closely related to SoI, such as Muslim decadence and polygamy.

Main features

The DLC part of the expansion merely unlocks the ability to play as Muslims; all the content was contained in the patch 1.06. NPC Muslims use the new mechanics even without the DLC.

Previously, you could play as Muslims through education or console commands, but they played almost identical to Christians.

In the expansion, many new features were added to make Muslims more interesting:

  • Decadence - This increases as you have more unlanded males in your family. High decadence leads to big problems for your nation, such as Tribal Invasions and weaker levies. To solve this penalty, the player must imprison, execute or assassinate male relatives; Muslim characters gain no tyranny from imprisoning brothers. Once decadence reaches high levels, a tribe of "desert warriors" spawn to take over the decadent dynasty's realm.
  • Laws - Laws now cost Piety to change as a Muslim. In addition, Muslim characters are unable to change succession and gender laws.
  • Agnatic Open succession - a Muslim's most powerful son will take over for him. This comes at a cost of being locked into this succession law, however.
  • Polygamy - Muslims may have up to four wives. A Muslim is expected to have one extra wife per level of title, starting at the count level, and capped at the king level. Having less than the expected results in a monthly prestige drop while having more than the expected is a prestige gain. This gives off huge amount of sons, which in-turn multiply, causing huge amounts of decadence if not imprisoned or assassinated.
  • Muslim Invasion CB. All Muslims can conquer a single province at the cost of piety. In addition, Muslims are capable of declaring war on any Muslims not of their exact branch of Islam (if the target is not in a holy war with infidels). Caliphs may subjugate any de-jure Muslim kingdom.
  • 100+ new Muslim specific in-game events, such as problems in the Harem, Shia vs Sunni tensions and making the Hajj
  • A new Islam-inspired interface skin
  • A map extension into Mali with some new counties and titles

Dev diaries

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Sword of Islam expansion and patch 1.06.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 GUI Changes Covers the major mechanics of Sword of Islam, as well as the 1.06 patch. 2012-06-01
2 Polygamy, Succession and Decadence Covers decadence, open succession law, and polygamy. Also changes to claims, plots, and event windows. 2012-06-08
3 Muslim Mechanics and Patch content Covers Muslim mechanics and 1.06 changes. 2012-06-15
4 Midsummer's Eve A short Sword of Islam AAR by one of the Paradox devs (Doomdark himself). 2012-06-22


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