Crusader Kings II Wiki
Name Command ID Opinions Other modifiers Miscellaneous Flavor Text
Syncretist Syncretist pagan_branch_1 355 +5 Religious Same Trait
+10 Other Religious Groups
-5 Opposite Trait
-30 Zeal This character believes in adapting some of the features of the newer religions to [Root.GetHerHis] own worship of the old gods.
Spiritualist Spiritualist pagan_branch_2 356 +10 Church
-5 Opposite Trait
+0.25 Monthly Piety -30 Zeal This character believes in detaching [Root.GetHerselfHimself] from worldly affairs in the pursuit for true enlightenment.
Militant Militant pagan_branch_3 357 -5 Opposite Trait +0.3 Monthly Prestige
+10 Personal Combat Skill
+20 Ambition This character has interpreted [Root.GetHerHis] scriptures as a call to action against all the infidels threatening the survival of [Root.GetHerHis] faith.
Tribalist Tribalist pagan_branch_4 358 +10 Dynasty
-5 Opposite Trait
+10% Fertility +10 Honor This character believes that the true worship of the old gods is still best exemplified by the care that a [Root.GetManWoman] has for [Root.GetHerHis] own family.