The Old Gods

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The Old Gods is a forthcoming DLC which will allow a new start date of 867 AD and make Pagans playable while adding new mechanics for them.

Features (patch and DLC)

  • Pagans will be playable
  • The start date will be pushed back to 867. No dates between 867 and 1066 will be playable
  • Base Religious Authority depends on holding holy sites (should make it harder to reach and hold at 100% as it is now)
  • Pagans only have Gavelkind, harsher short reign penalties, can not demand vassals to convert, are more susceptible to conversion from Abrahamic religions
  • To reform a pagan religion, you need 3 of 5 holy sites and a lot of piety
  • Reformed pagans gain a religious head (different for each), all but Norse are vassals like Patriarchs
  • Reformed Norse get Caliph-like figure, i.e. whichever ruler reforms is both secular and religious head
  • Reformed pagans gain holy war and "Crusade" CBs but lose subjugation CB and defensive attrition
  • Unreformed pagans become heresies
  • All religions will have 5 holy sites
  • Heresies have separately scripted holy sites
  • Pagan temples can have female holders
  • Most of the new mechanics will not be hard-coded and can be easily changed through scripts for modders
  • You can take female rulers as captive concubine and any children might "in theory inherit both parents' titles"
  • If you make a married woman your concubines it will break her marriage

Known holy sites

  • Sunni: Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Baghdad, Cordoba
  • Shi'a: Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Damascus, Al Nadjaf
  • Catholic: Santiago, Jerusalem, Rome, Canterbury, Cologne
  • Orthodox: Ephesos, Constantinople, Athens, Jerusalem, Antioch
  • Suomenesko: Raviola, Hiiumaa, Tikhvin, Solotchka, Perm
  • Norse: Tholen, Paderbor, Uppsala, Lejre, and Mære