The Old Gods

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The Old Gods is a forthcoming DLC which will allow a new start date of 867 AD and make Pagans playable while adding new mechanics for them.

Features (patch and DLC)

  • Pagans and Zoroastrians will be playable
  • The start date will be pushed back to 867. No dates between 867 and 1066 will be playable
  • Base Religious Authority depends on holding holy sites (should make it harder to reach and hold at 100% as it is now)
  • Pagans only have Gavelkind, harsher short reign penalties, can not demand vassals to convert, are more susceptible to conversion from monotheistic religions
  • To reform a pagan religion, you need 3 of 5 holy sites and a lot of piety
  • It will be possible to reform Zoroastrianism and restore the religion's structure, details are currently scarce, but it is presumed that the process will be similar to reforming any of the pagan religions
  • Reformed pagans gain a religious head (different for each), all but Norse are vassals like Patriarchs
  • Reformed Norse get Caliph-like figure, i.e. whichever ruler reforms is both secular and religious head
  • Reformed pagans gain holy war and "Crusade" CBs but lose subjugation CB and defensive attrition
  • Unreformed pagan religions become heresies upon reformation
  • All religions will have 5 holy sites (listed below)
  • Heresies have separately scripted holy sites
  • Pagan temples can have female holders
  • Most of the new mechanics will not be hard-coded and can be easily changed through scripts for modders
  • You can take female rulers as captive concubine and any children might "in theory inherit both parents' titles"
  • If you make a married woman your concubines it will break her marriage
  • Zoroastrians accept incest

Known holy sites

  • Sunni: Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Baghdad, Cordoba
  • Shi'a: Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Damascus, Al Nadjaf
  • Catholic: Santiago, Jerusalem, Rome, Canterbury, Cologne
  • Orthodox: Ephesos, Constantinople, Athens, Jerusalem, Antioch
  • Suomenesko: Raviola, Hiiumaa, Tikhvin, Solotchka, Perm
  • Norse: Tholen, Paderbor, Uppsala, Lejre, and Mære