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WOL Theology Events

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These are events from the Theology focus from the Way of Life DLC.

ID Name
WoL.7000 Study religious myths?
WoL.7001 Results of studying religious scriptures or stories
WoL.7010 Befriend priest through your religious interest
WoL.7011 character_event
WoL.7012 character_event
WoL.7020 Visit holy site and speak with priests there (not Muslims, Christians, Jews or Indians)
WoL.7021 Experience at holy site
WoL.7030 Reflect on own life and how it relates to the gods
WoL.7040 Theologian's view of other religions
WoL.7041 Bounce
WoL.7042 Choose stance on other religion
WoL.7050 Question own faith
WoL.7060 Embrace heresy?
WoL.7070 Embrace theologian lifestyle?
WoL.7080 Lose Stressed/Depressed
WoL.7090 Meditation/Prayer in seclusion - Go into hiding for a week
WoL.7092 Hidden event - clear out the hiding status no matter what
WoL.7091 character_event