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|Author=illathid & team
|Author=illathid & team
|Status=1.2 for CK2 2.8.*
|Status=1.2 for CK2
|Forum=[https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?forums/warhammer-geheimnisnacht-mod.902/ Link]
|Forum=[https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/warhammer-geheimnisnacht-version-1-2.1065384/ Thread]
[https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?forums/warhammer-geheimnisnacht-mod.902/ Subforum]

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Game modification: Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht
Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht
[[File:Warhammer Geheimnisnacht.jpg|330px]]

illathid & team

1.2 for CK2

Steam workshop

Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings 2, set in Warhammer Fantasy setting.

Set in the year 2010 IC the mod lets you play almost every faction available in Warhammer Fantasy. It features a map that extends from chilly Naggaroth and sweltering Lustria in the west to the impenetrable Mountains of Mourn in the east; From the deadly Chaos Wastes of the north to the blistering deserts of Araby and Nehekhara to the south.

Will you fight the forces of chaos, or will you succumb to their cloying temptation? The choice is yours...

Due to Steam workshop constraints, the mod is hosted on the PDX forums while development continues.


  • A brand new map with stretching from the lizardmen jungles of Lustria to the smog filled dark lands of the Chaos dwarfs of the Warhammer Fantasy. Enjoy having all historic settlements down to the last peasant ridden pisspot in Brittonia.
  • All of the different races of warhammer fantasy to choose from, each with their own cultures and names, including Skaven vermin for some reason.
  • Become a wizard and control the winds of magic.
  • Become a Vampire and bestow the Dark Kiss of unlife on others.
  • Become the Everchosen champion of Chaos and lead an invasion of the soft lands of the south.
  • Ascend to become a daemon prince and begin collecting a Slaaneshi harem.
  • Become a cultist of the Ruinous Powers or try to remove them from your realm. Careful though, as you never know who exactly may be a thrall to the Dark Gods...
  • Satisfy every grudge as you lead a war of genocide to rid the world of the enemies of the dwarfs.
  • Watch the dark elves' empire collapse to infighting after your cunning assassination of the Witch King, or because he lost a duel to some chaos barbarian.
  • ... and much more!


Warhammer: Geheimnisnacht begins in the year 2010 of the Imperial Calender, over five centuries before the reign of Karl Franz and the familiar events of recent Warhammer canon such as Warhammer Online, the Storm of Chaos campaign, the End Times, etc.

The Mainland of the Old World

Ever since the disputed crowning of Magritta of Mairenburg and the collapse of the Imperial system, the Empire has been in a state of civil war as multiple Electors fought over the Imperial throne. On the eve of Geheimnisnacht in 2010 (the sole bookmarked year for the mod), Vlad von Carstein of Sylvania threw his hat into the ring by summoning an undead host using magic-saturated Warpstones recovered from Mordheim and declared his intentions for the Imperial throne against the divided human claimants of the Empire.

To the far north, the Kislevites clash with the bordering Norscan raiders as well as the roving clans of Chaos Warriors from the Wastelands. Nevertheless, the winds of the harsh northern winters discriminate not between these forces.

To the west of the Imperial powers, Louis the Young has recently ascended the throne of Bretonnia, having succeeded his father Louis the Brave. The Grail Knights preach chivary and honour, even as darker deeds and prejudices infiltrate their ranks. The peace of their realm is challenged by both Orcish invaders and Norscan raiders, not to mention the Blood Dragons under the command of The Red Duke.

South of Bretonnia, the Estalians and Tileans are divided in multiple republics and petty principalities. They have special building chains and the ability to reform Myrmidia's empire. The Estalians' forces are bolstered by their Light Cavalry and Gunner retinues, while the Tileans' Knights and Artillery provide cover for their main armies. Should any single power from either of these regions control both Tilea and Estalia, they can reform the old Empire of Myrmidia in the name of the Old World Goddess. Also, raiding pirates.

The New World

The elves continue their civil war between the high and the dark, leaving the home island of the high elves depopulated and the dark elves teetering towards collapse should the witch king ever fall. The lizardmen continue their great plan... though there have been sightings of rat men recently, yes-yes.


Divided tribes of Greenskin roam the Old World; these are largely led by Orcs, each aiming to fight the other Orcs to the very top of the tribal ladder and be da biggest one there is so that they can launch the greatest WAAAAGH! the Old World has ever seen.

Skaven doesn't exist. There is a mysterious under empire hidden at the bottom of the map allowing ratmen to prepare their invasion of the surface world yes yes. Only the dwarfs could hope to cleanse their tunnels.

The Dwarfs (split between those of the underground mountain cities and their Norse relatives up north) are obsessed with money and highly traditional. It is said that they fill every offense and grivence against them in The Great Book of Grudges in Khazalid. The dwarfs have a caste system, allowing them to either become Warriors (giving a bonus to heavy infantry), Quarrelers (a bonus to archers) or Thunderers (a bonus to gunners), as well as special building chains for cities and castles allowing for their levy composition to be either generalized or specialized in Heavy Infantry, Archers, or Gunners.

Their Chaos brethren, on the other hand, are the only Dwarves that can use the dark chaotic forces of magic. Chaos Dwarfs are slavers, and thus can capture characters to either sell into slavery, or sacrifice to the Chaos deity Hashut on the summits of the mighty ziggurats erected in his name.

Countless minor races from halflings cooks to amazon warriors cling to their lands for fear of invasion.