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These are [[events]] that concern alliances from [[Conclave]].
These are [[events]] that concern alliances from [[Conclave]].
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These are events that concern alliances from Conclave.

ID Name
ZE.9000 Ally in war fails to contribute
ZE.9001 If From chose to break alliance, failing ally recieves alliance-breaking letter
ZE.9100 Pirates operate on seas - rumors say other realm's ruler is behind it
ZE.9101 Ally receives first letter
ZE.9110 A receives cordial letter
ZE.9111 Notify ally of broken pact
ZE.9120 A receive suspicious answer
ZE.9121 Ally receives repair attempt
ZE.9122 Notify accept repair
ZE.9123 Notify broken pact
ZE.9130 Ally receives counter-countersuspicion
ZE.9131 Notify ally swallowed pride
ZE.9132 Notify broken pact